Media Create software sales (7/5 - 7/11)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales of White Knight Chronicles 2, Crackdown 2, and Wii Party have been revealed.

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Valay3072d ago

Looks like Wii Party and White Knight Chronicles 2 had nice debut weeks.

sunnygrg3072d ago

I am personally going to call out against people who hype WKC again and not ever buy it.
I believe I have only met a couple of peeps from N4G in a quest. Hope to see you guys online in WKC2 :)

MajestieBeast3072d ago

I didnt really like the online to much grind for me but single player was good not the best but good.

Sitris3072d ago

This game has surpassed all my expectations, reminds me off the Dark Cloud Series alot! I will play online with you haha, the game is amazing, i am currently about 10 hours in and it is feeling far more fun than FF13 was to me, great action, i actual like the characters and the story is simple, but i like it.

Will definately buy WKC 2, day one international edition now, and you can believe me on that, first time it is available for Pre-order, it will be fully payed of.

Newtype3072d ago

I play it, I just don't play online often. My internet (my stolen keeps disconnecting on me.

Army_of_Darkness3072d ago

7th place at 15,000 sold?! Damn bloody amazing!!! wtf?!

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knightdarkbox3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

cayal @

White Knight is one of the worst looking and playing RPG i have seen this generation, by far too

I feel so sad that this is made by Level 5 no question about it.

the dissapointment is of epic proportion with this title, both visually and in gameplay , looks like a dated mediocre MMO at best.

Redempteur3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

let's avoid the obvious troll

First , WKC is one of the few NATIVE 1080p rpgs out there and while the game isn't full of AMAZING spécial effects , it had a charm many enjoy it's simple to the eye , kinda like monster hunter .
The story isn't finished .. it stop halfway so be warned .. it continues in part 2 ( out in japan as you can see and it ends there ) it's not a trilogy . most haters just did that ... and missed the online part of the game that is huge.
To platinium this title an average gamer will take 20h (+10h there is new game plus mode ) +470 hours online ..Online you farm elements and items to craft better equipement while battling dozen of ennemies finishing by one or several bosses's a mission based system and there are more than 50. it sound like monster hunter and in my opinion it's not far from it .

oh all your equipement carries on in part 2 as well as your online rank ..

you create you character , and you can use it in the offline game ( not much except upgrading your stats ) and you can use your custom character online . There is also a town for you to upgrade and customise ( lot and lot of options )and it can serve as a starting point for your online parties ..

so is WKC any good ? yes , that's my opinion anyway's not perfect ( it has flaws ) but it's not a bad game last rebellion is a bad game

FamilyGuy3072d ago

WKCs isn't 1080p, you can't even force it to play in 1080p. The Japanese version may have been or years ago when it was announced that may have been the plan or something the International version is definitely not.

FamilyGuy3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

What can I say, I hope it gets released in the U.S. and soon (by april at least).

I have over 1200 hours in the first one and still play it (daily) with friends. If you play the game you might catch me on it's Message Board Raven(FamilyGai)
Anyone here is welcome to send me a B-mail and we'll hook up and quest.

CoffeewithChess3072d ago

by one of them. The first one on the list anyway, I didn't expect that in Japan.

blasian3072d ago

Monster hunter is great but once FFXIV hits in september i guarantee 1/3 of the subscribers will leave. Yes i have a crystal ball.

MajestieBeast3072d ago

Wow i thought smg2 would have better numbers i mean 675k isnt bad but i was expecting 1mil or something.

Spenok3072d ago

Sweet, WKC 2 is doing well. I cant wait to see it hit US shores.

RememberThe3573072d ago

Early next year would be kick ass. They seem to have corrected most if not all of the issues that made the first such a critical bomb.

Newtype3072d ago

It should be sooner, they have a studio in Santa Monica.