Gladiator Begins demo impressions (’s Raymond Herrera gives his impressions of Aksys Games upcoming Roman gladiator inspired entitled Gladiator Begins.

"From the publisher behind Record of Agarest War, Deathsmiles and BlazBlue comes a brutal action game set in ancient Rome and revolving around the world of the gladiators.

In the world of Gladiator Begins Marcus Aurelius Antoninus has entered the last stage of his life and a feud has begun to develop between supporters of potential leaders Commodus, Marcus’ son, and the supporters of General Cassius.

The demo was roughly an hour and a half long and gives the player a good amount of time to learn about the combat, though much of the story isn’t revealed. Gladiator Begins is enjoyable and for those fans of arena style combat and Roman history they should find this game to be worth looking into."

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remanutd553073d ago

i've played it and i liked it , i think i will get it