Madden 11 Bundles Up with the PS3

Loyal reader [redacted], a Best Buy employee, passes along not only this SKU-mor, but how new products on double-secret probation work for one major retailer.

BB's listing a Madden NFL 11 250GB PS3 bundle with the same street date as the main game, Aug. 10. Right now, it's listed in a dead category in Best Buy's database. "That's typically done to mask a product from searches before it's been officially announced," the tipster says.

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hardcorez3073d ago

I wonder if this will help much...

Newtype3073d ago

Whoever the Best Buy employee is, he's going to be fired. Sony will distrust Best Buys...damn idiot.

coolasj3073d ago

Letting a mediocre bundle out just because isn't worth risking a job. As small as that job may be. I do think this will help the PS3. There are TONS of Madden fanmen that will JUMP at this.

1Victor3073d ago

give the fans a nice colored system and the game bundle with it and they'll buy it just to say I HAVE IT AND ITS A LIMITED EDITION.
I wonder what color the system will be Blue,Red or white.

3073d ago
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