LA Noire Confirmed PS3 Exclusive;GTA4 Delayed

Yeah we all know that GTAIV has been delayed for both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. However, there is some good news for PS3 owners. They will be happy to know that LA Noire has now been confirmed a PS3 exclusive according to the Latest financial report from Rockstar.

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Wondering just what the hell LA Noire is ? Second official video released has been added at the source as well.

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quiddd3882d ago

it's a good game I take it

heavymetal3k3882d ago

LA Noire looks interesting

nasim3882d ago


ps3 all the way


futal3882d ago

Its sucks, but at least rockstar has more time to make the game better on both systems. I dont care about the reason or the conspiracy theories that will be popping up soon, as long as when it ships, it's a Great Game!

AznSniper3882d ago

that's good news for ps3 owners

SmokeyMcBear3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

haha this actually got approved.. too funny. Well it is listed as only on the ps3 on the previous thread's link, but no official comment from Take 2. Also, the ps3 is supposedly getting an exclusive IP that is not LA NOIRE, so could it be that the ps3 is getting 2 exclusives from Rockstar??? Its more than likely that LA Noire is a timed exclusive, with the development team for 360 working on the downloadable content.


Well regarding the fact on the ANNOUNCEMENT that sony will be getting an EXCLUSIVE from Rockstar that is NOT LA. Noir, you'd think that if it was exclusive to ps3 it would have been announced at that time.. well at least common sense would dictate. The simple fact that the game is listed on the financial report as only being on ps3 ( notice how all the other games have each system they are being released on ), leads me to believe that yes, L.A. Noir is exclusive to the PS3 for the fiscal year 2008. The fact that no announcement was made when it was released that sony would be getting an exclusive from rockstar ( not LA Noir), does lead me to believe it would be a timed exclusive. Deduction.. you should learn it.

hey guys, if im wrong, im wrong, and believe me I would love to be wrong. But I just remember sony getting another exclusive from rockstar that isnt LA Noir. Just don't wanna get hyped up, and have a stupid report in a week saying that its not exclusive. Sheesh.

novaIS3503882d ago

you got all of that from a single financial report? I'm amazed. Judging by the way the PS3 is printed next to LA Noire and lack of xbox460 printed next to it...I have come to the conclusion that it will be a timed exclusive, also the second coming of jesus will be on August 24, 2008.

AznSniper3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

i'm gonna have to disagree with u on the game being timed because Team Bondi the developer team of L.A. Noire signed an exclusive game deal with probably Rockstar and Sony are publishing the game

It may be old news but here it is

"The studio has an exclusive publishing deal with SCEA."

okcomputer3882d ago

Its very early in development, probably a late 08/early 09 release. I've only seen one movie for it and it didnt show any gameplay. You can check the movie out on

It seems kind of like a throwback 1940's detective story from rockstar. The preview clip kind of has an la confidential feel to it if you've ever seen the movie. (and if you haven't seen that movie, check it out, its awesome)

aquaviva713882d ago