All 14 Final Fantasy Logos Explained

How often do you examine videogame logos? Not regularly, GamesRadar would suspect, as there’s not a lot to look at beyond letters and possibly an emblem. But in the case of Final Fantasy, each logo has a distinct message to convey, and with XIII fresh in their minds and XIV on the horizon, they figured it was time to go through all the info tucked away in each game’s logo.

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jazzking20012953d ago

i did learn something

FACTUAL evidence2952d ago

I though you guy's would have been known what the icons stood for with the ff games. Every one i played and beat I always connected the logo.

SpaceFox2952d ago

The only ones I knew were 7, 10 and 13.

Bobbykotickrulesz2952d ago

8 is ridiculously obvious.

It's Squall holding Rhinoa if I'm not mistaken.

Abriael2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It had some intersting (but well known) tidbits, but it was excessively biased by the author tastes, showing a very dismissive attitude towards the MMORPGs, which is pretty much silly, given that Final Fantasy XI is one of the few (or the only) earlier generation MMORPGs that held VERY well to the coming of WoW (and that is even currently quite a lot more successful than LOTRO, that he mentions) and brought some VERY nice features to the MMORPG markets, like cross-platform worldwide servers.
Final Fantasy XIV seems very well set to equal it's success.

So, in the end, the author demonstrates not to know that well what he's talking about, but even if he made any sense, when one want to inform it's normally good practice to avoid preaching.

KozmoOchez2952d ago

As this guy doesn't have any problems spoiling almost all of the games for you. Good read, but super spoilers

SpaceFox2952d ago

Nice article, some interesting tidbits. Never noticed how XIII was the first to outline title's text with a different color.

TANUKI2952d ago

I was wondering about these logos for a long time. Thanks for the article Bloodmask.

Arnon2952d ago

Very cool, indeed. I had no idea about the Advent Children logo. I basically figured they wanted to just go with a more edgy logo that was once on the FFVII box.

ForeAllEternity2952d ago

Interesting read. I knew the symbolism of a few of those logos from before, the author did a great job explaining them all.

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The story is too old to be commented.