Examiner: Deadliest Warrior The Game trial impressions

Examiner: As a huge fan of Deadliest Warrior on Spike, I was pretty excited when the game was released on Xbox Live Arcade earlier today. At the same time, I was also quite skeptical. The first thing that you will notice when playing Deadliest Warrior: The Game is that they really weren't kidding when they said the weapons inflict realistic damage. This is one of its biggest flaws, though.

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DA_SHREDDER3023d ago

Before I begin to read this. Please tell me its good.

Focker-4203023d ago

Really?? You gave up after 7 rounds??

Xander7563023d ago

Seven matches. After going 0-14 in round count it got to be a little silly.

DA_SHREDDER3023d ago

I was gonna quote him and diss him for only playing MVC2 and Street fighter thinking thats all you need to know to win in fighting games. LOL!

Xander7563023d ago

Telling someone that they think a game sucks because they are bad at it is such an illogical argument that it really isn't even funny.

memots3023d ago

That what the whole gaming community did about LAIR. A bunch of people could not figure out the control and decided to say that it was broken and the game got bad review.

I played the game. Learned the control and was able to pull all the move finished the game and enjoyed it. What happened to having a little challenge in a game and learning how to play the game. Not all game have to be the same.

3023d ago
FragMnTagM3023d ago

Just when I though game 'journalism' couldn't get any worse. How the hell are you gonna judge a game based on a trial?

Xander7563023d ago

Your comment is baffling. How can you judge a game based on a trial? Isn't that the ENTIRE PURPOSE of why trials exist? For people to judge whether or not they think the game is good enough for a purchase? By trying to impeach the credability of this article by stating that nothing can be learned of a game's quality by playing the trial, you are effectively writing off the entire reason for the existence of said game trials.

DelbertGrady3022d ago

For starters, you think the game is too hard. The difficulty in the trial is set to 'hard'. In the full version you can change this to 'normal', which makes a huge difference.

"When I did manage to land a blow, it was just a single attack. There didn't seem to be any clear way to chain a combo and hitting my opponent actually left me wide open to their counter attacks which were numerous."

There's no real excuse for this. You could've paused the game and checked the move list. Also, use the right trigger to dodge, or RT to block with your shield. It's really not that hard.

If you had played games like ushido blade or Kengo before you might've enjoyed this more. Next time, try learning the controls before you judge a game.

And for Gods sake change that picture. It's downright disturbing.

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