Club Nintendo Reward Review: Wii Remote Holder (Black)

Ripten: "The Black Wii Remote Holder is the latest item I have received from the North American Club Nintendo. The item is designed to hold up to four Nintendo Wii Remotes. It features the Wii logo on one side and the Club Nintendo logo on the other. Is this item worth your hard earned Club Nintendo Coins? Read on."

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Nyaasu2900d ago

I want it...but I'm SOOOOOOOOO lazy and typing in all those codes is SOOOOOOO strenuous...

*Goes back to playing Professor Layton*

zelda282900d ago

Nice Review! I don't plan to get it and will save up my points.

CrzyFooL2900d ago

5/10 just cuz NOBODY NEEDS THIS . . . oh wait . . .all my Wii motes are in a drawer next to my TV . . . I NEED THIS!!!

CrzyFooL2900d ago

ooooo so pretty, lol. You nintendo fanbois are something else lol

2900d ago
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