Analyst: Midway Only One Solid Franchise Away from Profitability

Midway and profitable aren't words that are readily associated with each other. Year after year the struggling publisher reports losses – last year's was $77.8 million – but Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks the publisher's fortunes could be on the rise.

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MK_Red4154d ago

I disagree. Midway alread has all the solid franchises it need, the problem is that Midway happens to be so good at screwing them. First Spyhunter NTR, then Rampage and now Mortal Kombat (MK DS and Wii).

If they actually try to put $10 million NOT into licensing movies, directors and celebs or into ads but use it to actually make a great Mortal Kombat in vein of classic MK2 and 3 (arcade days...) game or any of those other franchises and make sure its a good game before shipping it, then they will have no problem.

ghettocheeze4154d ago

MK2 was the best game they ever made and that is 2 decades old now but still gets good play time on my SNES which is still alive.

Anyway Midway milked that franchise dry with over exposure with the Hollywood movies and everything.

Everything is pretty lame like NFL blitz, a dozen arcade shooters Area 51 etc...more arcade basketball...arcade racers LA RUSH...MEH!

Unreal Tournament is the only killer app you have but that only a matter of time before Epic pulls the plug on your life support.

Good Luck hope you survive or get bought off by some bigger shark!