Develop Awards: Two for Quantic Dream

Parisian studio Quantic Dream has tonight been presented with two hotly contested accolades at the pivotal Develop Awards.

In front of some of the games industry's most influential members the team behind Heavy Rain were recognised with the coveted Best New IP award for their work on the narrative driven thriller, and the Independent Studio prize.

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Focker-4203047d ago

Best New IP.... Yes it was.

- Ghost of Sparta -3047d ago

PS3 exclusives lead the way. Heavy Rain is one the best new IP's of this generation. Certain comments made by Quantic Dream regarding the sheer technical prowess of a specific platform which wishes to remain a nameless God (PS3) will keep their next project from appearing on other platforms. David "Innovation" Cage is, in short, the shit.

piroh3047d ago

yep...for now... 'cough' get em 'cough' sony 'cough'

villevalorox3047d ago

I just beat heavy Rain again for the 2nd time 2 days ago, It was so amazing, so much detail I missed while playing it 1st, it was crazy how the outcome was different too. Ps3 exclusives have changed the rules and they have branched off and made new paths. It's crazy how everyone thought the ps3 was a fail (not everyone i know, Just mostly) ps3 is a powerhouse and a happy home for games like Heavy Rain. I was playing heavy rain a few days ago at a medical place I was staying and 2 guys asked me what Movie I was watching, I was like :O ..

NastyLeftHook3047d ago

they deserve it, brilliant game!

Redempteur3047d ago

exaclty ... it was a nice attempt of doing something new and while the game wasn't perfect they succeded in capturing the masses

Faztkiller3047d ago

They deserve it Heavy Rain was awesome can't wait to see what Quantic Dream dream up next

NYC_Gamer3047d ago

its good to see people giving QD their credit

alphakennybody3047d ago

This should shut some of those idiots who consider this game as just a series of qte. The future looks bright for QD.

Redempteur3047d ago

they're idiots they probably won't understand this award ..

Hellsvacancy3047d ago

Good 4 them, lookin VERY 4-ward to there next project

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The story is too old to be commented.