The Truth About OddWorld is Coming

The mysterious Twitter account posing as OddWorld protagonist Abe plans on revealing the mystery very soon.

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Darkstorn3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Who doesn't? I'm hoping for some fully fledged, multiplatform goodness (that is, if a new game is actually being made).

- Ghost of Sparta -3047d ago

Not sure if this is true but if it is, I said wow.

NecrumSlavery3047d ago

It's my favorite game, the first two are. Oddworld was supposed to be a quintoligy. It needs to be done. That Ballad of Fangus Klot screen was cool. I want to series to have that immersive environment of the first two. The industry vs mysticism. God this is a great series. But I would settle for the first two plus the unreleased SligStorm rereleased in HD as one game with trophies and maybe new tribal scrab/paramite(challenge rooms)

Spenok3047d ago

I sure hope there making a new one. I havent had a good time with oddworld in a long time.

Freak of Nature3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

I love the series,from back to the originals to Strangers wrath (which is one of the most underated games out there)...

OddWorld Steam boxset may very well be the announcement.If so I hope it comes with an announcement of a new HD Oddworld game.

It's been a good 5+ years now,and now that the "Citizen siege" movie has been put on hold due to some differences inbetween Oddworld inhabitants and the publishers I hope they have actually gone forward with plans for a true new gen HD game..

I have worked with a few EX Inhabitants on many projects,and everybody knows everybody in a round and about way,from what I have heard....

The main upcoming project is The "Antisocial Network". NO one I know on the inside however knows how this project will look, feel or function.

Originality,style,creativity and a whole big fun factor anytime you play an Oddworld inhabitants game... Thats one thing I do know...

Hellsvacancy3047d ago

Great news (if real) thats 2 fav classic games this week that hav been mentioned, 1st Medievil and now OddWorld,

Im holdin on 4 a RoadRash remake

KingKiff3047d ago

Was one of the most fun racing games at the time... AND OPEN WORLD!!!

pauwus3047d ago

I think they'd have to be very cautious with a new road rash, i loved the original games but i think it would be very hard to recreate that same feeling on a next gen console, expectations are so much higher.

Freak of Nature3047d ago

Yes and YEA to .....Medievil and OddWorld...

Focker-4203047d ago

48 Hours...

...and so it begins.

ReBurn3047d ago

It would be awesome to go back to Oddworld!

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The story is too old to be commented.