Five Minutes Of Final Fantasy XIV Emotes

The way to celebrate a victorious MMORPG boss fight is with a bathroom break and emotes. Square Enix created a couple of emotes in Final Fantasy XIV that would fit the occasion. You can make a female Hyuran clap her hands, dance in a circle or cry to mourn the death of the monster.

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Lich1203050d ago

Wait, was that a joke about the box art? Because I didn't get your comment, then I went to the official website and was like "Holy shit is that akira?!"

Godmars2903052d ago

Can you hotkey emotes? Can't imagine someone scrolling through all those in the middle of RP.

ruiner44823050d ago

LOL no one "RPs" they are used as funnies usually. Most likely it will consist of this /laugh /panic /smile /wave /emote pokes <insert name here> and they asssplode.

Raoh3050d ago

very cool

already pre ordered this for pc, too bad the ps3 version comes out next year

WildArmed3050d ago

I just hope the ps3 version is a visually pleasing :D
because when the ps3 one comes out I'll buy the disc too
So i can play on PC (i have a small monitor)
or ps3 :D (yay for 70' HDTVs)

but first, I gotta get into FF14.. will see how that 30 day trail goes

bobcostus3050d ago

...or you could hook your PC up to your HDTV

WildArmed3050d ago

why would I do that? I keep my PC in my room.
I keep my HDTV in the living room..
I game about 10-20% of my time spent on my comp.
For that small percent, i dont intend to hog the HDTV all day with my work related stuff.

Lich1203050d ago

Is there any actual information about this game? As near as I can tell it looks exactly like FF11, which was cool when it came out but now... no bueno.

spunnups3050d ago

For an MMO that looks above average. Not into paying the monthly fees though. Don't like the thought of a game eventually costing hundreds of dollars.

Abriael3050d ago

Above average? I'd say it's pretty much the best looking MMO out there. It most definitely pushes Age of Conan off that seat.

MiamiACR3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

It doesn't push Age of Conan off the seat as far as graphics go, it simply nudges it and waves.

Watch in 720p, keep things honest, Final Fantasy online or otherwise doesn't touch that.

And for a little fun watch this one VVV

Lich1203050d ago

Hmmm, I wasn't that impressed by that conan video. Not that FF14 is that impressive either. I do think that fatality vid made Conan stand out a bit more than other MMO's.

guzman3050d ago

@Miamiacr: Nice, comparing a finished game to an unfinished beta. Good thing nobody is playing Conan to actually give a shit. Fucking loser.

UnRated3050d ago

I think it beats Conan. Not for what it does technically but because of it's brilliant art style. I wonder how they modeled the characters with such fantastic detail for an MMO. I don't think they went overkill with the poly count.

MiamiACR3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

As far as graphics go it's pretty much finished as opposed to a few tweaks here and there to the engine before launch.

@Lich impressed or not impressed if you sat through the whole video it's apparent that Final fantasy will never reach those heights as an MMO, maybe someone else will take the throne but in the foreseeable future? Not one.

@Guzman I didn't know you'd get all menstrual about it, I suggest you continue masturbating to your boytoys in the world of Final fantasy and settle down a little bit, I wasn't talking about the game in a combat or gameplay fashion, just the graphics, and believe it or not yes people do play that game as with any MMO, they always keep subscribers (Maybe not as many as Warcraft) since some people including myself appreciate Robert E Howards work.

@UnRated I actually agree with you there, the Art style may be nice, but zoom in close and you'll get a screen full of ugly, which in Conans case, is rarely (If at all) apparent. Final Fantasy always had a very enjoyable artstyle, but then again Roberts work was based off of our own world, so with that said? Artstyle goes to Final Fantasy, everything else goes to Age of conan. As to comment on the "Fantastic detail" for the character models? Between the painted on eyes, and smooth spotless skin, coupled with the painted on lips and clothes? I'd have to say Age of conan still wins.

Arnon3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I wouldn't say Age of Conan looks better than Final Fantasy XIV, but I can say that the new update coming to Aion most certainly looks better. This is coming from a guy who's had his FFXI account active since 2004. Also, since guzman apparently insults people without anything to back himself up, I'm gonna go ahead and say that the FFXI community is basically dead now. The biggest server consists of about 100,000 people at most, with only 30% of that being active.

Spenok3050d ago

Actually i beg to differ. I fully understand your point. You should never compare a final release (much less one thats been out for 2 years) to a beta. However IF you did compare them FFXIV doesnt have much of an edge. It looks better for sure. Oh and i believe the 1million+ people playing AoC (myself included) say Hi.

Now dont get me wrong. I LOVE FF online. And i personally cant wait for XIV. Ive been playing XI faithfully for 6+ years and ill be all over XIV when it launches. In fact ive already paid in full off of Amazon for the collectors. But you have to give credit where credit is due. AoC is one of the best looking MMO's out there. When XIV lauches it will take that spot, but not by landslide.

bangoskank3050d ago

How could anybody compare this to Age of Conan? I sometimes wonder if a majority of the people who come on here just talk out of their ass or need to use a braille keyboards. The animations, creature design, environments, lighting, etc. put most MMOs to shame. We haven't even seen much of it to judge and it still looks phenomenal.

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