Latest Japanese Software Chart

Seven new titles released, all seven of them make the top seven, including Oblivion for Xbox360.

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drunkpandas3789d ago

It's been a very long time (if ever?) that an Xbox 360 title has cracked the top 10 in Japan. It's nice to see Microsoft is getting some success in Japan.

cooke153789d ago

I wouldn't call it success, I would call it much needed relief :)

nasim3789d ago

x360 3,800
ps3 40 000

lol at 360

gunnerforlife3789d ago

lol just wait and compare the ps3 version too the 360 version i am sure its gone make this number looks childish and this is the 3rd article of the same type of news showing the jap chart

Ivalice3789d ago

When dose the PS3 version come out in japan?

cooke153789d ago

We love Japan thats why!

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3789d ago

Just goes to show how great a game Oblivion really is.

kewlkat0073789d ago

how far them developers have came.

Even Kojima thinks so...

"If you talk about the war between Japanese developers and those overseas, I acknowledge that we have already lost. The Japanese creators have lost to the European and American creators. Therefore, I always say to my staff, Don't look at the Japanese creators. Look toward the Europeans and Americans when looking at development". -- Hideo Kojima

The Japanese culture is changing, a western made product with westernized game, I'm hoping could change things a lil bit, even though Sony and Nintendo still owns.

AznSniper3789d ago

september 27 is when the ps3 version comes to japan

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