Nintendo Now Tells Nintendo Gamers It's Your Turn

Nintendo Now calls out Nintendo gamers for not buying the games they vocally demand and ponders if that trend will continue now that Nintendo has granted their wishes with a non-casual focused E3.

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TheViper3077d ago

Casual, core or both. Vote what you want with your wallets people.

leapfrogger3077d ago

I totally agree with that statement. I feel it sometimes holds more true with the gaming and tech industry than anything else.

schlanz3076d ago

Most Nintendo gamers demand Nintendo games, and for the most part, they buy them.

NSMB: 15m
MK: 22.5m
SMG: 9m
SMG2: 2.8m (in 6 weeks)
SSBB: 9.5m
Zelda TP: 5.6m
Super Paper Mario: 2.25m
MP3: 1.6m
Punch-out: 1.1m

Pretty much every Nintendo published or developed game sells a million. The article mentions MP Trilogy not reaching 600k.. but keep in mind 1 and 2 combined for about 4m, and 3 and the trilogy combined for about 2m.

qface643076d ago

doesn't matter to me as long as i think the game is good

phantomexe3077d ago

For me Nintendo is to little to late. There have been some great games on the wii and a few rpgs comeing soon that i want bad but over all i kind of just stop trying to find the jems lost in the shuffle of games like deca sports. Ofcourse this isn't nintendos falt like alot of you sad fanboys want to think. Nintendo needs to leap forward and start doing what sony and MS have been doing to them for years. Add things like tropies and a better online setup without those friends codes. They copyed nintendo for years and still do but at least take a few ideas from sony and ms. Most of my gameing today is done on the PS3 or Xbox but i still remember most of the things i enjoy today came from ideas that nintendo came up with just never caped on.

Focker-4203077d ago

They only demand it because they wanna pirate it. Thats all. Sure alot of dedicated fans will buy it but the majority will get it for free. Why do you think the DS userbase is so huge yet they don't sell much software.

TheViper3077d ago

Uh, Focker. Piracy on Wii and DS are nowhere near as bad as you're trying to make it out to be.

DS has the best software attach ratio of any portable console in history.

Now i do understand that many European nations have a high piracy rate because the R4 chips are sold in every store but outside of those nations most gamers haven't even heard of the R4 chip.

extermin8or3076d ago

um the R4 cards are illegal, you can't walk into a store and buy them at least in the UK i think its the same for the rest of europe

RonXD3076d ago

You don't even need a chip to pirate games. All you need is a SD card and you're good to go.

CharlesDCI3076d ago

How was their E3 "non casual focused"? I didn't know having a good E3 showing made them not casual anymore.

Alos883076d ago

This is a moment that is pivotal to whether Nintendo pays us any attention in the years to come. Either buy the games we claim to want, or have Nintendo's theories that we are all talk confirmed.

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The story is too old to be commented.