It’s About Time Gamers Show Nintendo Some Respect

Weird. We’re in the seventh generation of gaming, and the company that has brought us the most innovation, the one that has sold twice as many consoles as the other two companies combined, its games are always amongst the best selling of all time, and at E32010, once again took gaming to another level with the unveiling of its new handheld, is the same company that receives the least amount of respect from gamers.

This should stop now.

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TheBuIIetSponge3046d ago

They offer nothing for me, no thanks.

Abriael3046d ago

"respect" is a big word, and reeks of fanboyism.
"appreciation" might be more appropriate. Yet, I appreciate companies that offer products that I can enjoy.

Nintendo, at the moment, simply doesn't. So i feel no appreciation, and most definitely no "respect" for them.

AAACE53046d ago

It's about time Nintendo started showing gamers some respect!

dalibor3046d ago

Well companies do change over time but imo Nintendo was not what it was back in the NES/SNES/N64 days. Is that a bad thing? No and yes. Could it be us gamers who are the ones that changed? Sure why not. I mean as you grow older you tend to like different things. I just don't like what N did with the Wii, it is motion gaming system firsthand and than what have you. Not everybody digs that.

Abriael3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

exactly Dalibor.

I've grown, and while other game developers grew up with me, continuing to give me games that I can appreciate, Nintendo didn't grow. Quite the opposite, lately they became even more childish.

While I'm sure others appreciate that kind of offering mostly due to a feeling of nostalgia, it simply doesn't entertain me. If i want to entertain my nostalgia, I still have my nes, snes, genesis, dreamcast... I have no need for the CURRENT Nintendo that simply refuses to evolve.

Maybe Miyamoto enjoys remaining a kid forever. I don't, and my evolved tastes now require a different level of involvement that Nintendo games don't offer.

sikbeta3046d ago

Nintendo used to have my respect in the days of the SNES, the N64 and the GC with a major decline every Generation, now I don't care about what they do anymore, I'm not dismissing those great game I played while I was growing, but N choose to deliver the same every gen and I choose to move on and experience new games and have a huge variety...

earthbounding3046d ago

If you had a Wii you'd know that what you're saying is false. I don't think I even have to mention the most recent games released and announced, do I?

guzman3046d ago

@Abriael: If your "evolved tastes" involve the flavors of ass and dick with a side of cunt-like pretentiousnes, then avoiding Nintendo games is the right thing for you.

darksied3046d ago

Exactly my thinking. I don't give a crap about numbers, I care about the games. I "respect" the gaming machines that let me play the games I want. I like the games on the 360, so I respect Microsoft. I like the games on PS3, so I respect Sony. I do NOT like the games on the Wii, because they're not geared to me (shovelware + rehashes + kiddie games for the most part), so I don't respect Nintendo; they haven't given me a reason to offer them any respect. Their inability to offer even half the experience you can get from a Gears of War or Infamous, or Mass Effect type game means I have no time for them.

Maybe if I was still in my early teens and the Wii was around, then MAYBE (but even the Nintendo games back then were more mature). But I'm 30 now, and I have no time for the games they're offering. So no, no respect for Nintendo's Wii.

Abriael3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

@earthbounding; sorry to burst your big bubble mate, but as an hardcore mate i own all the current consoles (and several of the past ones), both home and portables, plus a very decent gaming PC of course.

What Nintendo offers to a gamer that shares my tastes can only be identified as "too little too late", on the side of a whole ton of shovelware and rehashing of old franchise that I appreciated when I was 15, but simply don't spark my imagination or any feeling other then boredom now.

99% the games on the Wii that interest me, for instance, are NOT produced by Nintendo: Sky Crawlers, No More Heroes, Sakura Wars...
Obviously every single time i play games like those, I have that little lingering sensation from the fact that if their developers/publishers were smart, they would have been better placed on other consoles with a different target, would have sold more, and would have looked TONS better on top of it.

The love for those games, actually, reduces my respect for Nintendo, because their horrible marketing focused on casual, kids and elders actually destroys any real chance for success that those more core-oriented involving games might have.

@guzman: you're the perfect prototype of the rabid nindendo fanboy, so much in love with a brand that didn't bring anything new to the table in 15 years that any criticism necessarily triggers a storm of foul language and hate.

There are many people out there that simply don't like what Nintendo makes. Get over it, they won't love Mario and Zelda no matter how much you insult them.

You're entirely free to prostrate yourself towards Kyoto every day at noon, and light a candle in front of your Miyamoto altar.
We're entirely free not to care.

turok3046d ago

... at ur attempt to hide ur fanboyism. they brought nothing? kufufufu wut foolishness is this Im reading? They literally forced motion controls to actually be relevant this gen. they don't evolve? I'll agree as far as ip goes all they do is really rehash but they rehash better than anyone in this business and thats a fact. But this is where the agreeing ends as far as evolution. They introduced the rumble pack, analog stick. one of the few companies who still has balls to introduce something new (when they have those moments). I truly feel sorry for ye to unable to appreciate wut nintendo has to offer. I wud type more but why waste words on a fool who won't listen <:D ?

Mahr3046d ago

"Sky Crawlers, No More Heroes, Sakura Wars... I have that little lingering sensation from the fact that if their developers/publishers were smart, they would have been better placed on other consoles with a different target, would have sold more, and would have looked TONS better on top of it."

You are aware that No More Heroes and Sakura Wars are both available on other consoles, are you not?

nnotdead3046d ago

like all the disagrees with no counter points.

morganfell3046d ago

You deserve the respect you earn. Nintendo dumped gamers in favor of casual shovelware. Figuratively spitting on people is hardly the grounds for respect.

RageAgainstTheMShine3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Nintendo is one of the Biggest Traitors in Video Gaming History.

If my memory serves me right they betrayed and humiliated Sony's Ken Kutaragi The Father of PlayStation at CES 1991. After helping them succeed with a better sound chip for Super Famicom Ken get's stabbed at the back. Imagine hearing the Zelda theme or Super Mario World theme with out Ken's sound chip?

Sony owned Nintendo with PS1, PS2 and will own them with PS3.

oh if you think success is to be measured by sales figures how about this:

36 million sports cars sold compared to 73 million sub compacts sold...which is more impressive?

rockleex3046d ago

Like Zelda, Mario, etc.

But the Wii just didn't have much third party support for core games.

And the few core games that DID come out, didn't do well on the charts.

I'd buy a Wii for The Last Story and Xenoblade though.

Seems like JRPGs might be the only way for 3rd parties to succeed with core games on the Wii. We'll have to wait and see.

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badz1493046d ago

or this article focus mainly on sales?

"the one that has sold twice as many consoles as the other two companies combined" - WTF? the Wii sold 120mil already??

and I've never respect Nintendo before and I think never will. although the 1st game I ever played was SFII on my friend's NES but I mostly growing up playing games on PC before I bought the Sega Mega Drive II! and then I went straight to PS2 and now PS3 and still play games on PC!

and now with the Wii which offers nothing but shovelwares and then some good games once in a while, I have more reason not to have respect for them still. and these so called "good games" are mostly old franchises milked to the next galaxy already!

for me, Nintendo is in no way innovative! the Wii is not innovative, it's a gamble and lucky them it paid off. and oh...I forgot, Donkey Kong returns looks exactly like that side scroller Wario game released not so long ago. just saying!

Abriael3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

@Turok: besides the fact that understanding your writing is quite difficult, all you can name is hardware and none of it was an actual innovation by Nintendo. Motion control is a gimmick, and it's introduction sure didn't bring anything interesting to the actual core gaming industry so far. It'll take Sony to make some good core-oriented motion controlled games. Also, much before Nintendo ever thought about motion cotriol, there were already several motion based PC pheripherals. So where's the "innovation"? Same for rumble.
The first to introduce the analog stick was Atari. Might want to check your facts.
On the other hand their games are the least innovative in the world, they continue to show trite gameplay (sometimes just with the addition of 3d), obsolete characters that should have been ready for retirement 10 years ago, and the absolute refusal to create new IPs that could apeal to gamers whose tastes have evolved since 20 years ago.

I'm sorry, but not finding anything for me there doesn't make me a "fanboy". On the other hand, being outraged at the fact that there are gamers that can't care the less about Nintendo DOES make a fanboy of you.

@Mahr: No more heroes isn't available on other consoles in the west. Sakura Wars hasn't been distributed on PS2 in Europe.

@rockleex: nintendo owes the lack of success of third party games on theirn platform only to themselves. They oriented their marketing only to people that won't appreciate a true core-oriented AAA title that's not full of "mamma mia!" or other childish stuff. Third parties have long realized that you can't go against first party marketing. Nintendo themselves have labeled the Wii as a console for casuals and nintendo fanboys. Anything else simply doesn't fit.
While I will for sure play both the JRPGs you named, I will do so with the knowledge that both would have looked (and probably played) and sold better on other consoles.
It's a pity that there are still developers that fall for the mirage of the Wii installed base, without realizing that a good percentage of that installed base gathers dust in a closet, is used only for Wii Fit or some random party with friends, and most of the rest isn't interested in the kind of games they offer.
Like Namco, grasshopper, EA and others, they're going to learn the lesson the harsh way, and move on.

Mahr3045d ago

"No more heroes isn't available on other consoles in the west. Sakura Wars hasn't been distributed on PS2 in Europe."

The PS3 is region free and the PS2 is so easy to mod that it might as well be. I don't see what the problem is.

NYC_Gamer3046d ago

alot of gamers are bein real disrespectful towards Nintendo now days

fatstarr3046d ago

Lol i am glad you can check my comments back to day one. I always had and will have respect for nintendo.

they have done so much for the industry and it wouldn't be this far with out them. and it would have died... N4G would be about Books.

cliffbo3046d ago

you must mean Sony surely?.lol

CharlesDCI3046d ago

When Nintendo was at the top Gaming was a niche hobby. Gamers weren't taken seriously because it was something viewed as childish. Kids and young teens don't buy games, so they have to have their parents do it for them. Sony has done more for gaming because they found a way to get adults into playing games. You know the ones with the jobs?

Nintendo is a great company but lots of adult gamers have simply outgrown what they have to offer. There is NOTHING wrong with that, and Nintendo fans need to stop whining about respect because they are sounding

ECM0NEY3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

You can give some credit to Sony for getting adults into games. The main reason is we all grew up. I was born the year the NES came out (1985). So the age group that had the chance to game at home are all adults now. Its the same reason that video games wont be a hot political topic in the near future bc all politician will all have grown up with gaming. It has become a culture norm.

ChronoJoe3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Cause they're dragging gaming down the road, they don't want. It's understandable, and I agree.

Not only do I prefer to use a controller, I also happened to like Nintendo's games when they used a standard controller. From my perspective they've ruined most there own IPs, and wasted some of Sony/Microsofts r&d and dev time.

I'll pass on the respect.

ChickeyCantor3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

"From my perspective they've ruined most there own IPs, and wasted some of Sony/Microsofts r&d and dev time. "

Wait wasn't the argument that Sony had motion controls way back around 2000 already?

And now you blame Nintendo for Sony's R&D, holy F you created a Paradox.

ChronoJoe3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

That's not an argument I'd ever use, the Sony creating motion controls in the year 2000, or whatever. Although the Wii is just in functionality, purely a lightgun, as far as I'm concerned.

I dunno what Sony have been doing in R&D, or when. It doesn't matter if it was before, or after the Wii. It's time wasted in my opinion.

ChickeyCantor3045d ago

As far as you are concerned?
Lets be honest it does more than just having point-abilities( which work different than a light gun xD).

Some games implement motion controls brilliantly. And im sure you haven't tried those.

But hey, I just think its a pity you will miss out on some games.
To each his own.

Mahr3046d ago

Nintendo is a monolithic corporation pulling in twelve figures a year. I somehow doubt that they care about what people are saying in the online trenches of the console war.

telekineticmantis3046d ago

They've shown for the last four years how little they care about the core gamer, so it's only right that the ones that have been pushed to the side to give backlash.

nnotdead3046d ago

truest statement i've seen in days.

peyote3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

"they've ruined most there own IP"
Pfft. First, learn to spell. Second, name one example? Mario platformers are still BY FAR the most critically AND commercially successful series on any single platform this generation. Zelda also, though it's not exactly a *series* this generation yet.

"and wasted some of Sony/Microsofts r&d and dev time."
Just try and tell me the next Oblivion game won't be mindblowing with Move. Kinnect is balls of course, though it will sell well if only for dancing and exercise games.

But motion control is the shiz for a lot of different types of games, and you may take some time to get used to it, using a real gun with a trigger for shooters is SOOOOOO much more satisfying than a controller, which now you can do with Move. Nintendo is totally responsible for that evolution.