Joystiq: Video: Hulu Plus on PS3

Full, comprehensive video preview of Hulu+ on the PS3.

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TheTeam062838d ago

Minimizing the ads is a great idea.

Aikuchi2837d ago

No ads is a better one.

TheTeam062837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Cable is even better.

@talltony - Only Plus members get into the "preview". Everyone on PSN can get Hulu Plus eventually.

blackbeld2837d ago

Everyone? Even for The Netherlands? I hope so. I want this!

Venatus-Deus2837d ago

@ blackbeld

I could be wrong, but I think this is US only just like netflix

ttigass2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

i'm from Europe...
this sucks and i'm a PSN+ member

what i see is the US's PSN+ gets new things every week and the EU's PSN+ doesnt

i still dont even have the video store here

i hope sony does something better for the other people from outside US, since US is getting everything(except vidzone)

Godmars2902837d ago

No offense, but I'm starting to get tired of hearing European PSN users complain about "not getting things" when they've got at least two free and VOD options through the PS3's browser, and Vidzone which are free music videos.

For now, PS+ is being used to control/limit the number of PS3s using Hulu so they can work out bugs. Its also a US-only service, just like the VOD services and Vidzone are in Europe.

PotNoodle2837d ago


US PSN+ and EU PSN+ are getting the EXACT same amount of content. The difference is SCEE put out all the months content in the first week.

SCEA broke up the same amount of content over 4 weeks.

Blaze9292837d ago

wait wait wait....we still get ads and commercials? Wtf is the point then? Ulgh, this is why Netflix pwns.

Redrum0592837d ago

for those who dont know, with hulu, u get the newest episodes of shows almost instantly, netflix has a countless movie list but doesnt get the newest of shows and movies instantly.

being honest here, since im making money and dont pay for cable, huluplus is looking very good to me. most ppl pay around 60$ a month for basic cable so why not get huluplus.

Godmars2902837d ago

My main issue is that Hulu first reduced content, blocked the PS3 just as the browser could play it decently, before they returned what were basic services under a subscription umbrella.

That said, now that I'm actually thinking about it, I should probably drop HBO and HD and save money with Hulu.

Ju2837d ago

I know my HD cable box alone costs me $9.90 a month. ... Hm, rather ditch TV all together, invest into a fast line and get this instead.

Redrum0592837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Come to think of it, It was usable on the ps3 browser at one point until it was blocked. For those who used sites like y'all should know eat I'm talkin about.
I see your point godmars.

WildArmed2837d ago

before you all start jumping..
Hulu Plus is only for people who were invited to preview Hulu Plus.
Even if u r a PSN+ member, u won't be able to do anything unless u were invited by Hulu Preview program.

So no need to get all pumped up about PS+ subscribers only getting it.

The PS+ is only a preview program.. once the Hulu PLus (beta/preview) is over, everyone will be able to get it (9.99$/month)..
Don't need to be a ps+ member..

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talltony2838d ago

but can only ps plus subscribers get it?

JustTheFactsMr2837d ago

When it's out of beta it will be available to anyone

Raoh2837d ago

cool preview, unlike that trash kotaku tried to pass off as a review..

kenjix2837d ago

I'm sure they have accepted that by now.

vickers5002837d ago

They didn't. They said it was a "tour".

Soldierone2837d ago

You have to pay 10 dollars a month to use the service, yet it still has commercials? Yep sticking with netflix.

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