Janco: Guitar Hero To Add New Instruments In 2008

As part of it's coverage of Activision's forthcoming first quarter earnings, analyst group Janco has said it expects Guitar Hero will counter MTV/Harmonix's forthcoming Rock Band by adding its own additional instrument peripherals at some point in 2008.

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drunkpandas3886d ago

Sadly, I think it will be too little, too late for Guitar Hero. Rock Band is looking very strong, with an impressive showing at E3. And with Harmonix not helping in development, Guitar Hero will be playing a huge amount of catch-up to try to match the multi-instrument gameplay of Rock Band.

ItsDubC3886d ago

Agreed, plus it's called *GUITAR* Hero

PS360PCROCKS3886d ago

No don't do this!! We don't NEED two games that are identical like this. Just excel in your own guitar world...

Salvadore3886d ago

To add multi-instruments as drunk said is too late because Rock Band was impressive. Adding instruments to the game will means that Harmonix has some cathing up to do. The other thing that will be a issue is the name "Guitar Hero" which refers to a guitar based game and not a multi-instrumental game.