65nm Xbox 360 chips may curb heat problems

A version of the Xbox 360 that uses 65-nanometre (nm) chips is rumoured to be in production and a 45nm model could follow, according to reports from a Singapore chip maker.

Smaller versions of the Xbox processor would cost less to produce but would also give out less heat, possibly solving the $1bn warranty problems the unit recently had.

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BenzMoney3882d ago

How does this stuff keep getting approved?! This story has been posted numerous times already; in fact, it failed approval once about 3 hours ago for being a duplicate - yet people are still approving? Go check the "failed approval submissions" and it's staring you right in the face!

***The same story posted at a different site does NOT mean that it's a new story people - it's still a duplicate!***

I swear, you have to wade through 15 tons of crap on this site nowadays before you find any articles that are actually news.

Rowland3882d ago

chill out a bit. Play a game. Enjoy life.

Caxtus7503882d ago

meh i had a hissy fit too! its like FFS we know it will help with the heating!! STOP APPROVING AND FIND OUT WHY MY GTA COPY WONT ARRIVE THIS OCTOBER!!

...thanks for listening :D

gta_cb3881d ago

i didnt actually know there mite be 45nm chips comming lol, JUST out of curiosity, is the PS3 using 90nm chips? or what?

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asnstir3882d ago

How muck longer do i have to wait to get the 65nm.

ASSASSYN 36o3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

It may already be available. The only way to tell is when someone opens a new 360 and actually sees the chip. Plus, they need to post what version the 360 is so when you go to a store to get one all you need to do is read the label on the console through the window on the box.

CourtesyFlush3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

now this makes me wonder should I wait even longer for an 45n?

I mean, it's only 18 months away... and Lair *might* be out by then.

Seriously though, once the 65n is in place, do you think there will be a public statement or will it be done real quiet like?

Phantom_Lee3882d ago

that picture made me hungry...thanks alot!!!

360Crusader3882d ago

Yes I wish they would give us some sort of official date. When 360 will get the new chips.

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