Insomniac Provide PS3 Tech Help

Insomniac have put up a new R&D page on their website, with an aim to provide their technical expertise in developing on the PS3 - it certainly helps hearing from the best.

"Insomniac Games is currently in development on one of the first second-generation PlayStation 3 titles, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. This page documents our current research and development in hopes of supporting the PS3 development community and enhancing overall development for its core technologies such as the CELL processor and RSX. In addition, we hope that giving interested tech-heads a deeper look into Insomniac's game development and production philosophy will let them see a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes here.

About this Page
# We will feature a large variety of documentation here, such as Simple tips on how to optimize a certain piece of code or hardware
# Internal presentations or conference presentations.
# Articles featuring Insomniac tech team members.
# More in-depth Insomniac research and analysis."

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Kokoro3948d ago

Will help rather well to those who cant quite get a hold of it.

VaeVictus3948d ago

EA, Ubisoft, whoever made F.E.A.R.

ngg123453948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

They are one of those companies that improve the gaming industry. They help other video game companies free of charge.

s8anicslayer3948d ago

they want the ps3 to succeed aswell!kudos to insomniac

Lord Anubis3948d ago

very nice of them. THey certainly know how to make games and want to expand/share that knowledge with others. It sucks naughty dog is not sharing technology with the rest of SWWS or third parties.

btkadams3948d ago

but naughty dog and insomniac trade dev tips with each other a lot so maybe some of the stuff that insomniac is saying was actually learned from naughty dog too u never know.

all i can say is insomniac is a great dev

sajj3163948d ago

Is it me or are these guys just in another world? This is why its one of the best places to work. This is also how you recruit even more talent. This is how you progress this industry!!

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The story is too old to be commented.