What’s Next For The Next Generation Of Gaming?

What could possibly be next with all the technology already in gaming today? Our consoles can do just about anything with visuals and audio. They can store music,videos, pictures, data and a whole lot more. The only limit is the size of your hard drive. Each console gives it's own unique user interface and features that allows users a different approach in gaming. Today we can even upload our own personal faces to games, listen to our own music, create our own music and still a whole lot more. Now with the new 3D TVs on the market with 3D games already available to play. You have high definition gaming and the capability to download music, browse the web, watch movies from Netflix, and give your user interface a custom look. The options are already endless. So the question remains, what could possibly be next?

Another related article to this is expected soon that will cover some great points.

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piroh3022d ago

i really don't know. all multiplat games utilize 10-20% of Blu-Ray capacity so new format isn't needed. we already have 3D, motion control... Gran Turismo 5 already has photorealistic graphics. any ideas?

OSU_Gamer3021d ago

I just think it was funny how awesome we thought graphics were when systems like the PS1 were around. Now we laugh at that. I'm assuming that will eventually happen with games today. I can't imagine getting much better than GT5, UC2, and KZ2, but its bound to happen.

Tone3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

It will get to a point where you cannot tell a game from a proper TV programme.. People watching will not be able to tell if its a game or actual television.. thats when it will get spooky!

evrfighter3020d ago

1080p? LOL
60fps? Har Har
How about dual TV compatible?
Dedicated servers?
How about dedicated voice servers so that voices don't sound like crap?

Probably not even close to what I can get now on my pc.

vsr3020d ago

MS = no next gen console, merge xbox live with windows for digital distribution
Nin = Wii HD
SONY = whatever they make, it will be the superior console

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StbI9903020d ago

It will get you to matrix...sure the future

peowpeow3020d ago

Besides a minimum of 1080p res, I can't imagine too much of a jump over say..Crysis on full or GT5

Jordanemery3022d ago

I really appreciate the comment.

Cheers m8.

Convas3021d ago

I think that games will reach a graphical ceiling in the next 5-10 years. The human eye is only capable of noting resolutions up to a certain point. At that time, I think consoles will stop being made, and they'll become more like PCs, upgradeable Memory and Hard Drives. The Cloud would've taken over, and Digital Distribution will be an a fully functioning optional service for people who can handle it.

I don't see physical media going anywhere soon though.

Aphe3021d ago

It will take quite a while until game graphics are truly photorealistic, they are certainly a lot better but we are still quite a way off.

Hotel_Moscow3020d ago

do you know how dumb what you just said is

peowpeow3020d ago

"The human eye is only capable of noting resolutions up to a certain point"

What if TV's were built in much larger sizes for todays prices, or even cheaper with newer tech. Those higher resolutions then wouldn't be the peak

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gamerzBEreal173021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

blu-ray free online great games running at 60fps raceing games that look like real life 3D ...oh wait :\
how can u disagree its obvious ps3 is ahead of its time look at 360 last gen disk trey EVEN WITH THE REDISIGN im starting to think microsoft wants u to scratch the disk so u can buy new ones maybe thats why halo3 sells so much? lol just what i think

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