Singularity Review - Xbox Evolved


"Can we go back in time and make this game a little bit better? "

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dizzleK3079d ago

i want to like it but it feels so generic, i've played the game before back when it was called bioshock. the shooting doesn't feel right either.

Blaze9293079d ago

yeah very average game. reminds me of BioShock and Metro 2033. I forced myself to beat this game just to understand wtf was going on.

Spenok3079d ago

Hmm, i just bought this game the other day. And only just put it in my PS3 today. And seeing as how the came isnt selling very well i decided to go straight online to try to knock off the online trophies as soon as possible while i still have a chance. I played it for a good 6 hours today. And while i am playing this game to get the Platinum out of it and boost my PSN LVL, i have to say im enjoying myself playing this game. The soldies vs creatures idea is pretty cool for an online shooter, and pretty refreshing. I know its not origional, its just been a while since ive played an online mode like this. Now i havent played the SP yet (and i wont until i get all the online trophies) But so far i give this game an 8. Its pretty solid but not w/o its flaws.