EA shuts down servers for 06 sports titles

EA yearly sport titles, are favorites among gamers. Though they can still enjoy their games, the online options, will be shut down starting in September.
The list of titles after the jump. Which includes Sony PSP, Xbox 360, PS2, and XBOX consoles.

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Kokoro3913d ago

that is rather lame of EA for doing this. It hasn't been a year yet! But it's most likely saying "Buy our games so you can enjoy it...but for ONE year only (online). It would make more sense on the lowest sales, but all of them: Come on!

DrRage773913d ago

this is the EXACT reason why i do not like dedicated servers for gaming....this can happen to every single game that is on a dedicated server and the developers decide they want to focus on new games instead of keeping servers online for a previous version of a game....EA absolutely sucks! thankfully, every other game on the 360 is p2p so i don't have to worry about any other games ever getting yanked and not being able to play them online anymore....

so who keeps saying dedicated servers are better than p2p???? i'll take my chance of lag and play forever rather than dedicated servers and throw my games out after a year or two....

Dlacy13g3913d ago

I always wondered why it was such a big deal for MS and EA to make amends and get online play for their games....Now we all know.

EA wanted control not from a quality point of view but from a fiscal one. Now not only can they tell us you need their latest games for updated rosters but you also need them to play online too!

Its a savy move on EA's part especially given all the sports titles that are re-hashed but it sucks for all gamers. One can only hope that Moore's presence at EA sports might help this in the future given how fond he is of online play...but I doubt it.

It's unfortunate MS had to cave on this item...but honestly they did. EA is just too big and popular to allow games on your competitor console to have an advantage over you.

P2P gaming for the win!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3913d ago

EA knows that the next sports title will just be a clone of the last one so to prevent poeple from buying the cheaper clone they do this. If EA would just innovate more with there sports games they wouldnt have to do this so early because gamers would support there older games longer. IMO I beleave NFL Street should just be an added game type in a Madden game, if they combined all the NFL games they would have one great NFL game that every NFL fan would want.

Salvadore3913d ago

Man, I thought MS were hosting the dedicated servers for every 3rd party games.

Dlacy13g3913d ago

Live uses the user as the server on 90% of the games save for FFXI and any EA game. Those are the only dedicated servers as far as I know...and those are hosted by the publishers themselves.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3913d ago

If you actually knew what you were talking about everyone evn most PS3 fans know EA uses there own servers.

ASSASSYN 36o3913d ago

Thats EA for you cheap as hell. They run the crappiest servers in the gaming industry.

i Shank u3913d ago

the bigger the company, the harder the suck

benny o klaatt3913d ago

servers are a NIGHTMARE for me and my mates grrrrrrr

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The story is too old to be commented.