GameStop Buy Two, Get One Free Sales Starts Tomorrow

GameStop will be running another B2G1 sale on used games (so soon after their most recent one?) starting tomorrow. The sale is scheduled to end Saturday, July 17th at the end of the day. Shoppers should use the code B2G1FREE during online checkout. As usual, this is only good while supplies last and is not valid on consoles or other bundles.

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darthv722990d ago

I used to get the magazine and membership then i realized it wasnt cost effective. I just wasnt getting enough used games to warrant the membership fee. I can still take advantage of these sales though even if it doesnt come with an extra 10% off.

SynGamer2990d ago

Still a great deal. Considering I wanted to get God of War 3 and Red Dead Redemption...this just saved me a lot of money.

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Darkstorn2990d ago

I've pretty much stopped shopping at Gamestop due to Amazon's great (and frequent) sales.

Plus, if I want to go to a physical store I might as well support the local mom and pop game shops.

Newtype2990d ago

Mom and pop gameshops are at amazon.

catguykyou2989d ago

The mom and pop game store I worked at got bought out by gamestop, then shut down. Does that count?

BiggCMan2990d ago

so i just called my gamestop to confirm this just in case. it is in fact true. funny thing is, i called, and he said "wow they have that up already? no one is supposed to know about that until tomorrow" haha man i was crackin up, i guess the normal gamestop goers arent supposed to know unless they walk in, or check the site on the actual day haha.

ABizzel12990d ago

These sells are great, they allow me to pick up the games from last year, that just couldn't make it to the level of buy in my eyes.

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Myst2990d ago

Finally I actually have money for this sale. Wait a minute this applies for in store stuff as well right? I just searched on their site and saw at least there is a buy 1 get 2 free on Xbox games, but nothing of this sale. Probably didn't look hard enough and in the right spot.

SynGamer2990d ago

I just confirmed with my local GameStop that this will be happening in-store as well. There are also going to be some power sales with new games up to 50% off...not that it really applies to the B2G1 but still, great to see sales :D

Myst2990d ago

Sweet thanks a bunch! Time to start planning then.

Chris3992990d ago

but a new copy of Resonance of Fate is like $35 at Gamestop. Got mine a week ago. There's a bunch of discounts going on presently - some sort of "July Madness Sale" or something. Think a new copy of Yakuza 3 is only $40 or so, probably going to pick it up tomorrow. Oh and I ordered online and received my games THE NEXT DAY. Very impressive turnaround, way faster than Amazon.

Myst2990d ago

Ah thanks I almost forgot about that game :P. Was going to get FO3 and Oblivion after that wasn't sure what to get. Think I will get RoF

-MD-2990d ago

I dropped 90 bucks during the last one and came out with 13 games. The only extra money I have is going to Starcraft 2 so I'm gonna miss this sale =/

NastyLeftHook2990d ago

buying god of war collection, morotstorm pacific rift, and red dead redemption.

SynGamer2990d ago

Completely forgot about the God of War Collection...tempted to pick that up instead of God of War 3, or perhaps get both.

Jake3602990d ago

Don't get F1CE. It'll only piss you off.

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The story is too old to be commented.