Activision Publishing CEO: 'We Need To Correct' Hardcore Reputation

In recent years, Activision Blizzard has worked its way to the top of the video game industry. But it also has found itself with a reputation problem, particularly among hardcore gamers, who slam the publisher for everything from its choice of business models to the lawsuit involving former employees of Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward.

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Noctis Aftermath3051d ago

Fire kotick and ensure that he has no influence over future decisions concerning the company, then we can talk about correcting your image.

GWAVE3050d ago


Otherwise, you'll see the downfall of Activision's last decent hardcore game (Call of Duty) and then it will be all Guitar Hero.

xYLeinen3050d ago

All guitar hero? Lol, you are totally forgetting about WoW. Activision will never go down.

AngryFork3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )


Active Reload3050d ago

I think we should work on fanboys. Prick their foreheads with a needle, hang'em upside down and let them drip dry.

Godmars2903050d ago

You're forgetting about overcharging for republished maps.

Independent_Charles3050d ago

i have done better looking turds that call of duty

ABizzel13050d ago

The problem with Activision is that the CEO cares about money, and pleasing his investors more than pleasing the consumer.

Activision does nothing, but put out the same games every year, and you can't be mad at them, because YOU gamers keep buying the games every year.

I wouldn't mind it, but the problem is that they won't take chances making a broder range of games, because they don't want to possibly lose money, and the majority of their audience are fine getting the same stuff every year (and you might not be fine with with, but your money says otherwise).

A large group of us (gamers like myself) like evolution and new ideas, and Activision is sorely lacking in both departments. Prototype and Singularity are their biggest departures this generation, which is sad.

Both are pretty good games, but feel as if Activision only gave them developers a handful of money, while they put the rest towards Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, and their other yearly games.

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Buttons3050d ago

Make Kotick get his ribs removed and blow himself while the rest of the company corrects their image. Problem solved.

PotNoodle3050d ago

Kotick openly admits he doesn't care about games, just his shareholders. Your image is not going to change till that guy is gone.

This is an industry where loyalty, reputation and image are extremely important, Activision will eventually take a fall off Kotick's actions.

tdrules3050d ago

It's pretty obvious Activision will do what EA did 5 years ago and be liked again.
And I'm OK with that

Pandamobile3050d ago

Kotick needs to GTFO before that'll happen. EA's massive shift came around the same time their old CEO left.

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