This Tour Of The Hulu Plus PlayStation 3 App Is Brought To You By Skittles Join me as I take a brief look at the Hulu Plus app running on the PlayStation 3, developing a killer craving for bite-sized candy in the process.

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darthv723072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

and charges a fee? Interesting to see how it turns out.

When does the real thing get released?

I see to get this preview you have to be a psn plus member to which i am sadly not.

tlogank3072d ago

I don't get you guys whining about this. You pay WAY more for cable/satellite and it has WAY more ads.

darthv723072d ago

true about the cable tv yet bad example. I would liken this more to on demand tv. There are some ads that play very shortly throughout the show but nothing like the regular broadcasting.

I would say on demand is free however it isnt as it is just part of the cable service. You could be watching shows on cable with commercials or watch the same shows on demand with one or two at various points.

I do know that the run time without commercials for a typical half hour comedy is roughly 22 minutes. On demand it is expanded to 24 and then regular cable it is 30+.

People will swear by the DVR as being the way to end commercials however there is a caveat. When a commercial is encountered, you must take the time to FF through them and stop at the right moment or backtrack a little bit if you resumed during the show. This process takes any amount of seconds to complete.

I tend to watch more seasons of shows on netflix (ps3/wii/360) as there are no commercials. I actually was able to watch 6 episodes of the office in the time span of what it would take for 4 on regular cable. I like netflix streaming allot.

The deciding factor for this service vs any other streaming based one is library. $8.99 for netflix streaming to ps3/wii/360/pc as well as a physical disc out any time vs $9.99 for streaming to various devices plus ads.

If their library is more up to date than netflix then it would be likely for netflix to step up their game.

Oh and I didnt disagree with you by the way. Also, it didnt sound like i was whining in my first comment. Unless you are referring to me not being a plus member and in that is what it is.

tlogank3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

I is much like on demand, but in retrospect-as you said, you pay for Cable/Sat to get on demand. By the way-Hulu has 1 minute of ads for every 22 minutes of contents, whereas regular tv/cable have 8 minutes of it. I can't comment about on demand because I don't have it, but this is basically on demand, dvr, in HD with surround sound. I'm fine paying $19/month for Netflix and Hulu Plus, it's still much better than the other legal alternatives.

PS: Why the disagreements to my previous comment from so many, not like anything I said was false.

TotalPS3Fanboy3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

"so it's ad based.....
and charges a fee? Interesting to see how it turns out."

Yep. Just like Xbox Live. Charged a fee, but still have ads.

So the question is, will Hulu Plus work too?

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D4RkNIKON3072d ago

I am testing it out right now watching their free content. The quality and speed are pretty impressive. I am actually considering this..

Cregan45843072d ago

10 Bucks a month plus ad's VS Netflix? Wow........

D4RkNIKON3072d ago

Upon further review, the quality started to stick in spots and it became very frustrating. I even lowered the quality settings to SD to stop the hangups and it barely helped. I have a fast connection and have no problems streaming HD content through Netflix. This is unacceptable to me with my current internet speed.

kingjoker343072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It was alright,
I like the interface a lot and actual streaming is good, not $10 a month good though

darthv723072d ago

netflix for $8.99 a mo with lots of tv shows and movies is a better bargain. It just needs to expand globally for others to enjoy.

Oh, is this hulu plus regional or global?

Kyur4ThePain3072d ago

But Netflix's streaming movie offerings are terrible. I've seen everything ages ago.

Eddie201013072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Shouldn't this guy done a little more preporation before doing a video, like learning the controls, I think the few problems he had in that short time would have been remedied had he spent some time getting aquainted with the controls before making the video.

Seems that Kotaku tries to put everything that has to do with Sony and the PS3 in a negative light.

himdeel3072d ago

...accessible via this application :(

NYPunkster3072d ago

pay to play...huh no thanks.

bittorrent + ps3 media server. /problem

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Godmars2903072d ago

Doesn't show what out of the full library will be accessible. Would also like to see some comparison to the Netflix app.

spandexxking3072d ago

lol i automatically thought of skittles the tiger too!

DORMIN3072d ago

Wow. This is EXACTLY the same as watching it on a computer, except it cost money.

Kyur4ThePain3072d ago

It's going to cost money on a computer too.

tlogank3072d ago

no it's not, the free Hulu will remain as such. Why do you peple just make up your own information?

Kyur4ThePain3072d ago

Hulu+ is not free to use on a computer. The regular version of Hulu allows you to watch only a hand full of TV episodes. Hulu+ allows you to view seasons, and it will cost $9.99 regardless of the platform used.

ChronoJoe3072d ago

Nice Disgaea 3 wallpaper.

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