StrengthGamer: Transformers: WFC Single and Multiplayer Dual Review

Is this Transformers game better or worse off with the lack of Megan Fox? That question along with many others is one I struggled with throughout the entirety of playing this game. Do you take aesthetics over content? Does her almost offensively bad acting add another fine layer of cheese over an already cheesy franchise? Or is it enough to make you overdose, sending you on a hectic trip to the ER to get your stomach pumped and your system purged of wonderful cringe inducing cheese?

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Strider_X93074d ago

I really enjoyed it, but glad i only rented it out, it's not worth paying full price for. As the article states, it can get repetetive after an hour or so, the main thing that kept me playing was the storyline. You get 2 campaigns, where you can be the Autobots or the Decepticons.

Both campaigns are about 5-6 hours long, and after that you have multiplayer, which I played a few times, and it seemed ok, just the usual standard MP.

If you like Transformers you will enjoy it no doubt, but I still think they could of added more variety to the gameplay. If they release a sequel then hopefully this will be the case.