There's a lot of cutscenes in this White Knight Chronicles 2 vid

The last two vids we posted on White Knight Chronicles 2 were just quick 15-second TV spots, so they didn't offer much in terms of in-game clips. This one does. It's packed with cutscenes from the game, and might I add, it looks pretty cool.

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Can't wait.Bring it on lvl5....

greenisgood3045d ago

to bad the real game doesnt look this nice


No game ever does....
My interest is the beautiful online and its intricacies.The beauty is often in the eye of the....

WildArmed3045d ago

The online is indeed amazing.
Love it..
Best co-op ever :D
Story needed work, which seems like WKC2 is going to do.
But I love the happy-go-lucky visual look of WKC..
It's soo cartoon-ish :D

Here's to being GR 15 in the next week or two!
12mil Guild points to go >.>


GR15...........*sigh* yet strangely fun lol
I was GR15 a long time ago yet still visit occasionally.I actually preferred the middle ranks,6-10.
SkvOO7 you get bubs at GR15(+ a trophy :)

WildArmed3045d ago

I'm more looking forward to that stupid armor piece..
the one and only Kratos Cloak! D:
My fav. part was 10~12 by far.
I had the most fun farming for items with friends. Reborning every 60 hours lol
Good times!
I still play it on and off.
btw the trophy was at GR12 not 15 =p
I already got the platinum for White knight ^^

A LIVING LEGEND3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

^ nice.Wkc plat,I spent 1k hrs+ on it and somehow avoided plat lol,still good times.
Gratos cloak,boots,pants,chest.....I have them.The pants rule,the shirt is meh,I do better with sylpheed dressII eqiuped,
Farming with friends is what its all about :) Helping those axe guys o_O lol,yea I hear you, 'I think spear is the new idea'....until tomorrow lol. :)

WildArmed3045d ago

haha i hear ya.
I spent 550 hours atm.
Still hop on when i need to help my Longsword friends =p
lol What can I say, they just don't know how to tank the ancient dragon (and yes I'm an axe!)

But yeah, with the Gratos cloak (Str up) and a few more quip upgrade my atk should hit the 550+ ballpark :D
can't wait.. but I might just choose to save up the money for WKC2.
Because we know it's coming! And with it.. LEVEL RESTRICTION INCREASE!
So.. might save my money for quips higher than lv50 ya know?

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