StrengthGamer: Playstation Move, More Expensive Than You Think

With the Playstation Move release date just around the corner (September 19th, 2010), it's time to start figuring out just what we are going to need to play.

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Quagmire3046d ago

Well its cheaper than buying a Wii with hardly any 3rd party support and lack of precision.

If you think motion control is a gimmick, dont buy it, and stop whining. Im up for buying the bundle.

AnthonyAccinell3046d ago

I've had so much hands-on with the Move I'll have no problem buying the bundle. Pretty sure at no point in that article was there complaining about the prices. You should try reading the article before posting a comment ;)

zero_gamer3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Also more worth it than you think (directed toward anyone). Not accusing you for complaining, though.

AnthonyAccinell3046d ago

here's some hands-on footage. the move is amazing.

RageAgainstTheMShine3046d ago


As far as we know PlayStation stuff are the most competitive, on-par & reasonably priced quality products that comes out of Sony stable. But you get more than you pay for.

The Move is cutting edge motion capture technology that costs millions of dollars yet perfected after ten years and is now available for the common household at a cost of below $100. Most Sony products like Bravia and Vaio are always $300 plus above their competitors.

some people have no talent concerning perception of great valuable stuff.

DrDreadlox3046d ago

I think the price is right. Of all the motion gaming options available, Move
1) is most accurate
2) is most versatile
3) provides most immersion (tactile and visual feedback)

4) is very likely to get you laid. LOL who hasn't used the 'Come over and play with some cute sackboys', well now you can show off your comfy to hold, vibrating, orb colour changing Move controller that's bound to get her excited.

OK on a serious note, it's also very feasible for Move to be carried over next gen. Sony can up the accuracy and tracking features by upgrading the Eye camera, the Move could easily remain as is. Also add more blue-tooth ports to support more controllers.

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