Halo 3 Spoiler Out? Enter At Your Own Risk

Please, if you don't want a possible spoiler to Halo 3 do NOT click this link.

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ktchong3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

This pretty much spoils the ending.

C'mon, you know you want to... just a little peek.

nasim3641d ago

Halo 3 -- the cartoon game in the era of Crysis and Killzone 2

Tackle9903641d ago

why are u being a sony [email protected]?

rubarb233641d ago

"why is MS releasing this cartoon game???
Halo 3 -- the cartoon game in the era of Crysis and Killzone 2"

Are you that dumb? maybe because "the cartoon game" will blow both crysis and killzone away. "the cartoon game" will sell more than both of those titles combined! no disrespect to Crysis, i think it's going to be an amazing game but as far as killzone goes, last time i checked that game was a piece of sh1t!
i think you sony fanboys should be more concerned that guerrilla develops a decent game in killzone 2 than try to compare it to halo.

Halo -> proven franchise
Killzone -> still tyring to be a decent game

Sangheili853641d ago

Just ignore him all he does is come in any new topic with "Halo" in it and copy and pastes the exact same thing "Halo 3 -- the cartoon game in the era of Crysis and Killzone 2".... got news for you.. if a "cartoon game" is already pre-sold over 4million then i guess over 4 million people love cartoons!

VirusE3641d ago

Nasim if halo is going to suck so bad why does it make you so insecure? If it’s going to suck so bad why does the mention of it get your panties in a bunch? You seem to think that it's your personal mission to ruin halo for everyone else. WE HALO FANS DON'T LET TOOLS LIKE YOU MAKE CHOICES FOR US SO PLEASE GO SHOVE ONE OF THE DRAGONS FROM LAIR IN YOUR REAR YOU SAD LITTLE TROLLING FANBOY!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys I really hate nasim and his playmate jin kazama and I have had a bad day.

Volks043641d ago

nasim i rather have have color then a gray and black game like killzone2. You know huge levels 5 miles wide with battles of over 30 guys on screen at once or small levels fight 10 guys? Games that are small look cool I.E Gears of War.. Games that are big may not look as good but offer more in terms of gameplay i.e oblivion, GTA and more.

darkequitus3641d ago

Yeh you are right Nasi, in the era of R&C, mario galaxy, Uncharted and all the other cartoony games.

You are obviously a serial killer wating to happen. A game is not worth playing if it not like doing the real thing. Every post you commit is the same. you are a retarded gimp wh probably does not own a console of any form.


ben hates you3641d ago

completely ignore him don't even respond your just falling into his trap

JasonPC360PS3Wii3641d ago

We all know you want this game so you might as well just admit it. Think of it like masterbation, we all do it but it takes a real honest man to admit it. Oh wait LOL you may not even be old enough to get an erection yet. Are girls still yucky to you?

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Dr Pepper3641d ago

Argh! Why do people post this stuff!!!??? It is so tempting check it out. Perhaps I'll look just for a minute...

fbetancourt3641d ago

Lol.... don't say we didn't warn you.

ktchong3641d ago

Some people just want a little spoiler but not too much.

rubarb233641d ago


drtysouf213641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

My eyes have now melted.

DrPirate3641d ago

Fleeting memories of


iceice1233641d ago

Would they ruin the ending? I don't get it, I can't see Bungie/M$ doing it, wtf?

PS360PCROCKS3641d ago

Lmao! Harry Potter is sick.

fjtorres3641d ago

...But there's no real spoiler there.
Its purposefully ambiguous and can be read pretty much any way you like. Doesn't even say what planet that symphony is playing on...!
Move along...nothing to see here...