Call Of Duty 4: Confirmed Beta for US only + PC Demo coming soon

Its been confirmed by 402 Infinity Wards communications manager that the rumours are true and that the COD4 beta is for the US only. Along with this announcement 402 has also said they are working on a PC demo.


Ok after a few mins after releasing this anonucement 402 has took it all down and replaced it with this awesome news:

Hey Everyone;
I know there has been an uproar regarding the fact that the Public Beta may be restricted only to US residents. I wanted to give you guys an update and let you know that this is currently an unconfirmed statement, as details on Beta limitations are still in the works.

I will update you PERSONALLY when we have an official confirmation on Beta Limitations so bare with me while I get this all sorted out for you guys.

More info coming soon.

More at were they will be updating on every new announcement tonight.

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DirtyRat3880d ago

ok to quote their announcement:
Hey Everyone;
I wanted to give some clarity on why the Xbox 360 beta is US Exclusive. While we would have loved to offer the beta across all platforms, world-wide, with an unlimited number of members, we regretfully have our limitations due to our development schedule and resources.

In the interest of time, resources and availability, we had to concentrate the beta's focus. The team is also crunching on a PC demo, to follow the console beta, which will be available worldwide.

What rubbish. I'm doubt it makes it much more time consuming for them to allow EU players to download the Beta, it's just a case of ticking a box most likely. Bungie managed it.

Hectic_Kris3880d ago

it beter not be only for U.S and i doubt there guna bring out a demo for Ps3 either until near luanch or after its out ahahaha

IRONMAN4573880d ago

a PS3 demo will come out

General3880d ago

And I doubt a PS3 demo will come out.

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