Dragon Age II experience to be different across all platforms, says Zeschuk

VG247: BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk has told VG247 Dragon Age II’s experience will be different, depending on which platform players play on.

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GWAVE3074d ago

Is that good or bad?

To me, it sounds like a clever way of saying "behind the scenes, someone has handed us a wad of cash for exclusive DLC".

Elven63074d ago

Seems to be just control schemes from what he is saying.

Would be funny if it was like how multiplatform games in the 80s/early 90s would have different bonus levels across each platform. If one had superior sound the other would have more content, etc. Made choosing the "superior" version so much harder!

SuperM3074d ago

Could this mean move support? I sure hope so. Looking at the move title sorcery id think dragon age 2 would be perfect for move

- Ghost of Sparta -3074d ago

The PS3 version was better than the 360 version, proved by various unbiased comparisons. If the PS3 version gets KB/M support, it'll be the only version that matters, right up there with the PC version.

Christopher3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

While I'm very happy I got it for the PS3 over the 360 since the graphics were just plain awful on the 360, adding KB/M support will require two different gameplay options on the same disc. Playing the PC version is vastly different than playing it on the console when it comes to combat and maneuvering your team members. On PC I could quickly rotate through each party member, send them to a location, and assign them an individual action/task. On the PS3, I can only assign their individual skill use, a group option to follow or stay, and couldn't tell them each to go to a specific spot.

Christopher3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

At those who disagree with me above... have you played Dragon Age on the console and the PC? It seems like you don't understand that the combat and controls are already different from one another if you disagree with my statement, where there is a lot more control in combat on the PC compared to the consoles but combat is also much harder on the PC as well. Hyping KB/M functionality based on what you played on the PC isn't the same as understanding how they develop it to play for the consoles. And putting two completely different game control methods on a single disc is just way too much work when only a small percentage of the gamers are likely to even utilize it.

ThanatosDMC3074d ago

I agree since i played it on both pc and ps3, but why cant they not include two different gameplay options on the ps3 version? I think, that's why they disagreed with you. It's possible on a bluray disk after all. They can probably put both whole versions of the game in one bluray disk.

Christopher3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

@Thanatos: That's two whole versions that have to be calibrated specifically for the PS3 rather than just one, especially when it comes to graphics. It's not a financially sound decision.

Heck, I'd love to see it, but it just won't happen.

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MicroSony4Life3074d ago

I am not sure what they will use for the PC version.

raztad3074d ago

I second superM opinion.

I dont mind Kb/M optional but for sure I dont want to use them, if I wanted KB/M I would play the superior PC version. Nope, I want MOVE support, which is supposed to work like a 3D mouse, so it would be very appropriate for a point and click game.

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callahan093074d ago

PS3 supports any plug-and-play USB keyboard & mouse, including wireless devices with a USB receiver. I don't understand why more developers don't just add the functionality for KB/M to the PS3 versions of their games. I mean, it can't be that hard.

NYC_Gamer3074d ago

alot of ps3 owners would love to play this game with kb/m support

Kahvipannu3074d ago

X0 does that too, so I agree that it would be good idea to have that support in console versions. But looking at other way, console versions are already dumbed down gameplay wise compared to PC version, and Bioware is making battle a lot different this time. So I'm guessing console versions will go more "hack'n slash" direction, and PC will stay somewhat strategy.

I would get Pc version, since it has mods, but my saves are at X0 version.. Difficult desicion..

yoshiroaka3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Yea man exactly. Its just about mapping buttons. Its ridiculous why it doesnt get more support. Its actually a big feature of the ps3 that gets ignored.

I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse the other day and just plugged the receiver into my ps3 for the hell of it and bam instant functionality.
Whats funny was that it was a mircosoft wireless set.
I was half expecting sparks to start flying out when in massive rejection when i pluggged it into my ps3 lol.

Kahvipannu3074d ago

Heh, yeah, same thing with MS keyboard and X0, but don't know if others work (?). But I unplugged it pretty soon, since I sometimes browse net with my TV, and wireless mouse and keyboard are must on that.

I believe developers don't want to add it, since they don't believe console-gamers would like to play with them? U3 is only game supporting mouse/keyboard on PS3, X0 has none I believe, please correct if I'm wrong..

BeaArthur3074d ago

I'm very curious to see how this is going to play out.

Pandamobile3074d ago

This is exactly what PC gamers want to here.

raztad3074d ago

DA 1 control scheme was not compromised in any way in the PC version, was it?

Pandamobile3074d ago

Nope. PC Was the lead platform for DA:O

Kahvipannu3074d ago

This is how it should be in games like this, PC gets own version, and consoles own, since theyr audience is more "casual", and becouse of the limitations of controllers. Respect for Bioware. Firaxis is also wise, for making Civ 5 only PC, and making Civ Revolutions for consoles. I bet none of the Civ fans would had been happy if they would have "hybrid" version. Atleast I wouldn't be happy.

MRMagoo1233074d ago

both were good tho i liked civ revolutions on the ps3 it was like an arcade version that was easy to start and the games didnt last long but imo i love the oc version where you burn away hours without even knowing it.

Kahvipannu3074d ago

Yeah, Civ can destroy your personal live. Just.. one.. more..turn.. :D

dragonyght3074d ago

Dragon Age II move confirmed

Christopher3074d ago

Don't see Move enhancing gameplay unless there's an option to switch to a completely overhead view and you treat it kind of like an RTS.

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