Sony Online Entertainment’s San Diego Comic Con Plans Revealed

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced their plan’s for San Diego’s annual comicon read the official press release, and what you can look forward to after the link.

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GWAVE2842d ago

Show off something new, developers! I've already seen E3.

greenisgood2842d ago

highly doubt is just comic-con

Montrealien2842d ago

I am pretty sure it is comic-con.

/on topic

yeah, something new is always nice.

IRetrouk2842d ago

looking good, you know that there is gona be way more games on show.

LtSkittles2842d ago

Mark Hamill at the DC universe panel hmm... I thought he wasn't doing the Joker anymore, either that or he is voicing someone else.

DirtyLary2841d ago

Just there to be worshiped.

Newtype2842d ago

Scott Pilgrim vs the World will be there.

Montrealien2842d ago

that game, and movie look great.

GamerXGATT2842d ago

I think that is AFTER Arkham 2 LT

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The story is too old to be commented.