Cosplay Babe of the Week is Lei Fang from DoA

Craig H: "While we always try to change things up with a variety of different games and characters, one series always keeps calling us back to it. Tecmo's uber-popular Dead or Alive franchise is packed with some of the best looking characters in all of gaming. We've covered other DoA girls in the past and this week we've finally gotten around to the lovely Lei Fang. Lei Fang is a Chinese college student and T'ai Chi Quan prodigy from the Dead or Alive series, who made her debut in the first Dead or Alive. She is one of the first females to appear in the series, alongside Kasumi and Tina Armstrong."

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vgn243049d ago

all time favorite Dead or Alive babe. Kasumi is nice though

GunShotEddy3049d ago

The black dress is, as they say on yo gabba gabba, AWESOME!

rockleex3048d ago

As the sexiest DOA girl.

BeaRye3049d ago

On your mark. Get set. Gentlemen start your fapping

nickjkl3048d ago

a true man tries not to fap its alot harder than fapping

kennykramer3048d ago

Sometimes you skill to. lol

VG_Releaser3049d ago

Tina Armstrong FTW. I like cosplay and I like babes, but why is it always asian girls? I like them too, but I'd like some more western women to pick up the torch.

Spenok3048d ago

Yeah i agree, but cosplay is still very small in america. Usually only with the Fanime and Comicon crowd. Over there its basically second nature. They dress up for almost anything.

vgchica3049d ago

Looks like there are a ton of copy cat articles now. Besides the usual Go Fanboy article (which catches heat weekly) I see 4 other cosplay articles today alone.

Fishy Fingers3049d ago

Yeah, gofanboy's been doing it for a while now, but I dont think N4G needs so many "cosplay of the X" articles, just google cosplay, done.

kennykramer3049d ago

Even if they do it weekly, they didn't invent cosplay. Other sites have the right to do weekly cosplay.

Gago3049d ago

plz do hitomi next :D

dizzleK3048d ago

the pic used in the headline is really sexy, theres just something about it.

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