Final Fantasy Cosplay of the Week: Oerba Yun Fang

Every year there are plenty of events where friends and strangers alike get together to dress up and parade around as their favourite characters. Make no mistake though, it is no simple task to recreate a costume and this weekly feature looks to appreciate all that hard work and dedication cosplayers put in.

Hit the jump to see our cosplay of the week!

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ShawnCollier3074d ago

Wow, that cosplay is really well-done.

Hardedge3074d ago

the details are impressive, just check out her robes and even her weapon @[email protected]

Reibooi3074d ago

I would say it was decent not really well done. The outfit and weapon are pretty good. That aside the person doesn't fit well because they are not dark enough(Fang was very tanned or dark) Her hair is messy but not close enough to the way Fang's looked. She also doesn't seem to have enough definition in her muscles.

Decent but it could be better.

rroded3074d ago

seriously could b a dude holding a loaf of bread for all we know with the photoshop wizards ive seen out there...

Myst3074d ago

Well done I must say that woman did a good job.

ClownBelt3074d ago

Users here in N4G are not familiar with "photoshop"

izuna3074d ago

I refuse to believe that "photoshop" helped to keep only her in focus.

BannedForNineYears3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

The DOV effect was the camera.
Not Photoshop. >_>

Btw, she looks a lot like Fang too.

nickjkl3074d ago

even i believe thats photoshop its almost too good for it to be just a camera effect

izuna3074d ago

Just to be sure, I was being sarcastic.

izuna3074d ago

Cosplay Babe of the Week is man-face from Final Fantasy XIII? It's not good cosplay if *she* doesn't look like the character.

Spenok3073d ago

I agree that the person should do there best to look like the character there trying to cosplay as, HOWEVER you cannot deny how good that costume is. If you gave it to someone who looked like Fang it would be fantastic.

Titanz3074d ago

Still waiting for my cosplay po...

Aaa... never mind.

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