Rare: Sitting Doesn't Phase Kinect

NowGamer: Nick Burton, Kinect development director at Rare has confirmed that Microsoft's motion recognition peripheral has no issues tracking seated gamers...

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absolutecarnage2955d ago

Well there we go, You can play sitting down with kinect END RUMOR

iamnsuperman2955d ago

That is only using the dashboard what about a driving game I don't particularly want to play that kind of game standing up.....So still can play games sitting down

The Lazy One2955d ago

you did not read the whole article.

Sheikh Yerbouti2955d ago

No. You can do a seated experience. Rare just doesn't want you to.


Menech2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I heard Kinect has problems seeing black people to or people wearing black.

So I guess Rares next article will be, Seeing black doesn't phase Kinect we just don't want it to.

Kinect racism comes alive jump in xD

iamnsuperman2955d ago

This statement reminds me of the Iphone 4 signal problem statement thing. They produce a statement not exactly saying you can (in the case of kinect) play sitting down.

HolyOrangeCows2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

The RUSE developer and several others have said they weren't going Kinect BECAUSE you couldn't, what's going on here?

"Oliver said around half of the 500 included movie scenes in upcoming Kinect title Yoostar require players to sit"
So you can sit....IF it's NOT doing the body tracking.
May as well use a $10 webcam, then.

darkequitus2955d ago

Kinect does not have problems seeing black people. That was a internet joke. Seeing as it sees you in IR, it is not an issue

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Biggest2955d ago

How can you debunk a rumor when physical evidence is not there? Watch this...

You can only play Kinect games if you're standing up and moving violently. I have visual proof. (A car game. . . Standing. Sounds GREAT!) (I always stand to pet my tiger. You have to respect their magnificence or some shit.)

There you have it. I have given you proof that the Kinect games must be played standing. I have used videos from my good friend Microsoft. I don't care what Nick Burton says. Microsoft wouldn't lie to me.

Biggest2955d ago

hoops, please show me where I posted a blog. I posted videos made by Microsoft for Microsoft in support of Microsoft's Kinect. They can say the thing makes appple pancakes and builds small huts for under priviledged families. But they show that Kinect games can only played while standing. They SHOW that Kinect games can only be played while standing. They, Microsoft, SHOW that Kinect games can only be played while standing.

hoops2955d ago

No it does not end rumor at all. This is N4G.COM...and some blog site stating you cannot play seated takes precident over a game developer stating otherwise that actually is making games for it.

2954d ago
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Apocalypse Shadow2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

is NOT 500 movie scenes.they want to SEE *GAMES* using kinect SITTING down.demonstration videos of *GAMES* SITTING down from the developers to shut up the naysayers.not reassurance that it will be coming.

because it sounds like kinect is just another rushed product and microsoft is PATCHING and UPGRADING just like when 360 came out."we'll just keep fixing and fixing until we get it right.""just get it out there and the gamers won't care."

that's not how you do it.first,you perfect it.then add on top of it.not fix as you go.

SOAD2955d ago

Say what you need to say and leave. You don't need to make sly bashes at the 360. This article is about Kinect.

And Sony was patching the PS3 when it first came out and still does it to this day with firmware updates. Is there something wrong with that when MS does it?

Sheikh Yerbouti2955d ago

It's not out yet, of course they're still working on it.

absolutecarnage2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I hate to tell you this but Nothing is perfect, there's always somebody that complains about something, hence the updates on products and software to try to meet the complaints of the users

IdleLeeSiuLung2955d ago

Once the issue of sitting down is resolved, the next will be why Kinect can't see people in other rooms!

WTF! Why can't they see me in the other room through this wall!? Epic Fail.

shoddy2955d ago

Most kinect games require standing up anyway.

edhe2954d ago

How would an infra-red sensor determine the difference between colours?

acky12955d ago

The only way microsoft are gonna stop any doubt is to show a midget in a black morphsuit playing kinect while sitting down. Then people might actually believe what they say...but until then.

tiamat52955d ago

So where is the proof? Just show a gamer sitting down playing Kinect and we will admit defeat but as per usual we have to take the word of Microsoft and their cronies instead of real solid evidence. 'We could make games to sit down but we won't' Won't or can't?

Bigpappy2955d ago

Will be ready by tomorrow. do you want one where you just use your fingers? That one will take a week. I am sure M$ can pop these games out just as soon as you find something they have not done yet.

absolutecarnage2955d ago

But if sony says something about there system and doesn't show it you believe them right. In conclusion it doesn't matter at what point Kinect does it will always have haters like tiamat5

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