GrE's Review: LEGO Harry Potter, Years 1-4

GrE Writes, "Traveler’s Tales and LEGO have joined forces once again to bring the masses their latest creation. Lego Harry Potter pays a great deal of fan service to both genres, that being both LEGO and the Harry Potter series. Cramming in literally four years of books/movies with both good and bad results..."

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starven2990d ago

Lego games are full of win. Now when will the Lego Animal House game get released?

CrAppleton2990d ago

Haha, no kidding! I still want that Lego Halo that we saw as an April fools joke years ago

Neco5122990d ago

Lego Gears of War!!!!!

DaRockSays2990d ago

I'm waiting for the Lego AO games. Porn industry mixed with Legos. You know you want it.

NecrumSlavery2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Harry Potter could of been a stellar game. But it's broken and glitches. I played trough everything I could until this glitch broke my game too. I initially gave it a 8.5/10, but this glitch brings it to a 3/10. Cause it's playable if you avaoid it until the end, but any game breaking glitch is a no go. Sad too cause I've played every Lego game to 100% and this was by far my favorite.

CrAppleton2990d ago

This game looks freakin awesome! The Lego games usually are, but the movies coupled with Lego humor? Epic!

DaRockSays2990d ago

"Almost TOO much to do" That's not a con. That's wonderful!

roblef2990d ago

Lego games just plain rock. Glad to see this one doing well!

Davedough2990d ago

You know, I think I've gotten kind of burned out on the Lego style games.

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