Countdown to Crysis Trailer

Countdown to Crysis Trailer -This November, everything will change.

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NRG3918d ago

Wasn't this already posted?

Crazyglues3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I need a computer powerful enough to run farcry 2 and Crysis and Gears of War PC with out breathing hard, for under 2 grand...

Somebody tell me can it be done...Or do I need more Money for this mission?

NRG3918d ago

Well if you want to build one yourself, is all you'll probably ever need. Done there, it's definitely possible under 2 grand. If you want it to come built for you and you just choose what you want inside, you're going to need to go somewhere like Dell/Alienware, Fragbox, etc.

VirusE3918d ago

Crazyglues NRG said it best "newegg" you can build a monster for 2k. Intel just did a cpu refresh so you can get some fast chips for an amazing price. The e6850 is only 330 bucks!!! I have a 8800gts i can sell for a good price if you need:)

Crazyglues3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

I don't think I'm good enough to really do the whole thing myself but I like what i'm seeing at newegg, if this is what the Pro's do then I guess I will use my one life line, and call in a friend who's a tech geek to help me put it together...

Still have a little trouble finding the best stuff that works, Like I wish the site could tell you what case would work best with this mother board. stuff like that.

oh and thanks VirusE bubbles for you, as for the card thanks but I think i'm going ultra... (I must say it's fun building it from scratch)
But seems to be coming along nice.. will post a link or something when I got it all together.

ShiftyLookingCow3918d ago

hey hold on till 45nm quads come from intel and amd. Crysis runs best on quad and 64bit vista(dx10 otherwise any 64bit OS)

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s8anicslayer3918d ago

lets see if it can live up to the hype

VirusE3918d ago

Who cares as long as it looks that good! j/k


i still dont really honestly know what you pc fans think is so astoundingly amazing about this game, you say you need a supercomputer to run the game, if that was true, then the only gaming machine capable to run it is the ps3, good luck on your pc trying to run it, the game doesnt look cg level, so supercomputer power isnt required, there are only about 7 games on ps3 that make it into cg level, because the ps3 is the only one that can do that, and it will only increase on the ps3, get the love of crysis out of your head, do you love that game, its old old news now, your the only ones hanging on to it, let it go

Crazyglues3918d ago

i still don't really honestly know what you pc fans think is so astoundingly amazing about this game, -huntersville

LOL... are you serious, what game do you see that is coming out that looks like it's going to re-define the PC market in 2008. As far as I can tell this is one hell of a Game, especially if you can get your spec's of your PC up to the level of High End running Direct X10.

Sure it will run on lower end models, but we all know if you don't have the specs to run it on the high end, then you will not see how amazing the game is. It's just like FarCry I got it running but not until I got that new Graphics card did I see just how sweet the Pistol fires and how real it looked.

It's just the sad truth about the PC Gaming market, it's just not a Porsche if it doesn't have a Porsche engine. Zero to sixty in something that looks like a Porsche is just not the same.

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