Cribworks Studio Presents FF7: AC Music Video. Must See

A wandering music video master Kristan Michelle decided to take a smorgasbord of effects and editing software and add to the Final Fantasy 7 music video mix. The result? Something truly amazing that has to be seen to be believed.

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Nike2902d ago

I loved the editing done to the beats and the effects were very well done without being blatantly over the top. Especially loved how he cut certain scenes together. Very well done.

George Sears2902d ago

Was pretty good but damn have they used Linkin Park songs so much for a lot of custom videos.

Nike2902d ago

Lol. Yeah, I know. But I must confess, the guy managed to make several scenes in the movie fit lines of the song very well. Not to mention the awesome intercutting done. I'm not a big fan of Linkin Park myself but it was still pretty damn cool.