N4G July Contest Winners

Here are the winners of the July Contest.

Contributors of the Month

1. MK_Red       87395    - $500
2. merc3nary    77590    - $200
3. TnS              73055    - $100
4. drtysouf21     42380    - $100
5. timmyp53      34270    - $100

Hottest News Post 

N4G-GaMr  - $300 

Sony To Get its Own "Gears of War" like I.P. from Epic 

Congratulations to everybody who won!

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Frulond3763d ago

500 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god damn.......

DiLeCtioN3763d ago

lol congrats guys you earned it but dont think your money is safe lol jk...good stuff dusty

GaMr-3763d ago

Your a beast bro. You sure your not DC_Rider under a different tag lol. The only other guy I have seen post like that is DC_Rider. Nice step up by Timmy P. You been around for awhile. Nice to see you contributing now.

Congrats to Mercenary,TNS and DrtySouf21 as well. See you guys in the threads. Feel free to hit me up on PSN as well PSNID in profile. Later GaMers.

MK_Red3762d ago

Thanks. Also congrats to you for your awesome post.

RyuCloudStrife3763d ago

congrats for all that won you deserv it but watch out for me this month im coming like a crazy devil............ jk.


Systematrix3762d ago

Thanks for all the contributions. Keep up the hard work!

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