Updated: No Killzone 3 co-op confirmation

TVGB: "This week’s FirstPlay — the digital magazine for the European PSN — features a nice juicy Killzone 3 preview. It doesn’t reveal any new footage of the 3D-enabled shooter but does confirm something that we’ve been waiting to hear about for a while; co-op."


FirstPlay was in error, has issued a statement: http://www.thatvideogameblo...

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Fishy Fingers2925d ago

“we do know that Guerrilla is working on a special objective-based 4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff.”

So Sev and Rico for the campaign and separate missions for the 4 player? They've made sure to destroy any criticism anyone had with KZ2 :)

blusoops2925d ago

The only other thing that would make this spectacular is split screen co op. To this day the only shooter I own that has this feature is R:FOM a launch title. Warhawk does too but I like to go thru campaigns as well as mp online.

Also multiple psn ids would be super nice for the trophy lovers like me. Lol

aryan_irani2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

sorry to say but unfortunately there wont be any splitscreen for killzone 3. the devs said that it will lower the game quality and the cinematic experienced wont be experienced if they made splitscreen. if u ask how i get this from, theres a guy on the GT forums who apparently has some connections with guerrila games and he actually stated the game would have co-op a long time ago. u could search him up, i dont have a direct link to his blog at the moment sorry. he also stated that the game will have more like a battlefield bad company feel to it, online is going to be huge just like it with destructable environments and vehicles

sayonara892925d ago

They are doing stereoscopic 3D, SS is no problem at all. This comment was about KZ2?

GWAVE2925d ago

This is stinkin' sweet! Though I didn't understand why people hated on KZ2 for not having co-op: most FPSs don't have co-op these days.

But anyway, I was already excited to play KZ3. Now I have even more of a reason to get it Day One.

drdistracto7072925d ago

I hope we get to play as helghast in the co-op campaign :D

BubblesDAVERAGE2925d ago

2 player online...4 player on and halo 3...killzone engine is most powerful but it can do it...i love split screen

Darkstorn2925d ago

It would be cool to have some splitscreen action, but it's really not that popular these days. Nevertheless, it's great to hear that Killzone 3 will be incorporating coop.

I_find_it_funny2925d ago

that's awesome, I don't need split-screen

sikbeta2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

WOW! Awesome News, KZ3D Keep Getting Better...


Hideo_Kojima2925d ago

i love split screen i still play it with my friends

LBP (no really split)

They are so much fun in split screen mode.

If Killzone 3 can do 3D it shouldn't be too hard to do split screen in 2D.
They said that all the games that can do split screen can easily be converted to do 3D as they already render 2 different images at the same time.

webeblazing2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

yall jumping the gun like always most likely its main story 1 player or 2 players online and a co-op mission like most ps3 games do. i doubt they do split screen for the reason they said b4. im sure they will have a co-op standalone part like R2, UC2, ect.. ps3 games was always doing this because of the space

and yeah it maybe can do split screen but how thats gonna work with kz3 with 3d this is not kz2 like they said they built this around 3d

Ju2925d ago

Nice idea, that 3D and split screen. Isn't technical feasibly I would think, but besides that, how would you play that ? You friend sitting next to you and his perspective cutting into yours ?

likedamaster2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

False advertising by authors, it's 2-player co-op. There's a separate 4-player co-op mode(its not the same). Either way, welcome to the 'co-op' club Guerrilla Games. It's better late than never.

ivant2925d ago

I don't care for coop

I just what to freely use the vehicles in SP & that would be truly awesome.

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BeaArthur2925d ago

Good news indeed. Can't wait to see what it's all about.

I_find_it_funny2925d ago

there's a chance to play as Higs I guess :)

adlt2925d ago

Beat Bioshock (just started it)
Beat Final Fantasy 13 (just started it)
Beat Red Dead Redemption (getting towards the end)
Beat Killzone 2 again (on Elite this time)
Beat GTAIV (finally got the motivation again)

All before this masterpiece comes out because I know when this comes out I won't play any other game :D I really hope it's possible for me!

Hyrius2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Looks like Guerilla read all the players' feedbacks : Story coop, objective-base coop, bigger levels, more variety ( gameplay and level ), better control, more set pieces ...

Best FPS ever incoming.

HopSkotch2925d ago

please and a better ranking system...COOP sounds badass i'm down

Karl Marx2925d ago

What's wrong with the ranking system? I thought it was goo

RedDead2925d ago

Ranking was too short I thought. I hate Prestige(Whatever) and would prefare a much longer one like battlefield 2

HopSkotch2924d ago

I like the ranking system don't get me wrong...but i feel it was way too short even after the updates. Add a system more delicate and unique where you can really show off your rank

chakan2925d ago

Damn, that is badass.

Pennywise2925d ago

Ahh, the first real gaming news article of the week... and a GOOD one at that!

bjornbear2925d ago

just wow

so 2 player co-op for campaign, and 4 player SPECIAL co-op? (say extra missions, etc =D)

WOW!! KZ3 best up and coming FPS confirmed =3!!!

yoshiro2925d ago

very very very very VERY good news...
co-op was the only thing lacking in KZ2 imo

Monolith2925d ago

that and i really missed the secondary fire

FACTUAL evidence2925d ago

will be almost perfect! They have everything I want so far! Now to just make this even more boss than it is, let us play music while in campaign too, and give us cross game invites like all the recent ps3 games have been doing so far. KZ3 will be the shiznit!

tinybigman2925d ago

after hearing this good news if true (which i really hope it is). anyway i can't wait to play this next year.

NYPunkster2925d ago

Whoa ...they're really working hard over there. Good job people keep it up!

otherZinc2925d ago

I knew it: "objective based" co-op, really?

Where is the "Campaign Co-op"?

I've said this for the longest time: the PS3 cant do campaign co-op, it would take to much RAM & SONY wants a game to look good vs features.

So now they'll throw in some side co-op & followers will be happy with that?
Whatever, I wouldn't!

Jager2925d ago

"we do know that Guerrilla is working on a special objective-based 4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff.”

"4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff.”

"standard 2-player stuff.”

Learn to read my friend.

Just in case there's a stealth edit:


I knew it: "objective based" co-op, really?

Where is the "Campaign Co-op"?

I've said this for the longest time: the PS3 cant do campaign co-op, it would take to much RAM & SONY wants a game to look good vs features.

So now they'll throw in some side co-op & followers will be happy with that?
Whatever, I wouldn't!

Pennywise2925d ago

Have you been drinking or do you just read the title and go off on a rant? There is two player campaign coop and 4 player objective.

So what were you saying?

NYPunkster2925d ago

I'm literally angry with rage! lol

webeblazing2925d ago

you stupid whats campaign coop and the later different it was good when splinter cell or cod did it am i right. but ps3 games be doing this for the longest 3rd party just started. campaign is usually focus on a single player for a cinematic experience but you dont wouldnt know about that since most games dont be bothered to do that. i doubt its split screen in kz3 if it do ill be surprised. and most shooter dont even have coop dont say mw2 cus the just added that and did it like resistance2 coop standalone.

kids these days

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wicko2925d ago

Wait, so they're saying there will be 2p Coop, as in full campaign coop? Has that been confirmed or are they talking about something else?

PR0X12925d ago

You guys know gears of war had this years ago?


Monolith2925d ago

kz1 had coop years ago aswell, before Gears of war, so whats your point, oh you waste your life on xbox thats right.

wicko2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Did you know that God of War had the GoW acronym years ago?


gamerzBEreal172925d ago

yea i hope they fixed the controls i pray that they did everything about the game was perfect the classes the guns the story the maps only problem is u dont know what u are doing half the time u just crouch and spray hopeing for a bullet to go in there head i hate that about killzone it needs that point shoot kill feel that cod halo and all these other games have and before u say those games suck there really successful and have huge fanbases so they must be doing something right just imo

raztad2925d ago

"u dont know what u are doing half the time u just crouch and spray hopeing for a bullet to go in there head"

I think you are doing something wrong dude. Very wrong. Dont spray and spray, short burst are your friends, try to fix the crossbar on the enemy head, dont use ironsight if up close. Up the sensitivity of your controls and you will do better next time.

And please go away with your cod halo stuff. Those games are available for you to play. Let KZ3 be KZ.

SaberEdge2925d ago

This is awesome. That is a lot of features packed into one game.
It's got: campaign, multiplayer modes, 3D support, Move support, 2 player campaign co-op, 4 player objective based co-op and drop dead gorgeous graphics. hehe

Shepherd 2142925d ago

Its about time they included something like that.

ivant2925d ago

No they haven't

Rico still needs to be killed off

Spenok2925d ago

It does appear that way doesnt it. And im lovin every minute of it.

gman_moose2924d ago

What a sad world we live in.

otherZinc2924d ago

Where did it say "campaign co-op"? When someone can post footage, then & only then, will I believe it.

If they did manage to have co-op, it will:
1. look like crap.
2. be linear as hell.

See, the PS3 has split Ram that will not allow for broad go anywhere 2 & 4 player co-op found in the Halo Series.

Disagree all you want, but I'll be right when Killzone 3 releases with less features than a game made 4 years ago.

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Hanif-8762925d ago

Killzone 3 will be nothing less than amazing :-)

frankymv2925d ago

The wait for KZ3 will be very , very painful.

raztad2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


It's painful already my friend.

I wonder if 2-player coop will be splitscreen


KZ2 multiplayer is not abandoned by any means.

happyface2925d ago

I expect lots of hype, then the online is almost completely abandoned a few weeks later like killzone2s was

Cod is the true fps king of PSN multiplayer

fooltheman2925d ago

you'll always find full games ^^

chakan2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

And 360 fans claim that PS3 fans troll 360 aryicles. Again, why are you guys here? Oh, I get it, you're trying to be funny trolls, right?

It's clear that you're jealous. No more 'PS3 has no games', right?

n4gno2925d ago

what a donkey, living in dreamland, like all the desperate xbox fans in denial :)

1 years and half after, kZ2 has a lot of full games, 24/24h, with 32 players (i know, you have no game with that) or less...and the better ones, the best fps player : better to have 10 000 of realfps gamers, each weeks, than 500 000 noobs/casuals/teenagers.

greenisgood2925d ago ShowReplies(2)
pixelsword2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I call Rico!

(jumps him off of a cliff)

Just kidding. HA!

I actually do like Rico from the series, Killzone 2 made him look kooky when he wasn't.

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TheLeprachaun2925d ago

I hope that includes offline splitscreen 4 player co-op. Lots of devs have been neglecting splitscreen in recent years. :(

SuperStrokey11232925d ago

I dont that will happen, that would be just way to much to actually have or they would seriously need to scale the game back graphically.

sayonara892925d ago

Every game is doing this in SS mode.

himdeel2925d ago

...4 player split screen to non-3D options. Use less open areas limiting the work needed to process those wide panoramic views in the backgrounds.

wicko2925d ago

Other games don't look like Killzone

jeb692925d ago

yeah it seems like 4 player would have to be give up something.