When Potentially Good IPs Get The Axe: Harker (PS3, 360)

GATT starts off our When Potentially Good IPs Get The Axe column with a game that was announced when the 360 was first released. Harker. Developed by the same Studios that brought us the GREAT Buffy the Vampire Slayer game for the original XBOX, Harker was supposed to be based off of the Dracula tale.

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GamerXGATT2901d ago

I was looking forward to this title for YEARS before I found out what happened to it. Decided to write this article and start a column for IPs that were canned before their time.

Jamegohanssj52900d ago

Damn that looks pretty badass, but for some reason it looks as it could get a little repetitive. Did they ever release any news on it?


Active Reload2900d ago

I'm still waiting for Darkwatch 2.

AngryFork2900d ago

Also that game called Sadness. The music sounded great I wish it continued development, although it was for Wii so it probably would've sucked. But if it were on PS3/360 it could be like another Heavy Rain.


ironcreed2901d ago

I was ultra hyped for it as well. Too bad it got canned.

dizzleK2901d ago

whatever happened to the Highlander game? it seemed to be nearly done.

Quagmire2901d ago

Hot Damn!

This game looks better than half the crap this gen has to offer!! Looks like it had some mint gameplay, akin to that of God Of War. Just a major overhaul of the graphics, and it woulda bin freaking sweet!

BYE2900d ago

I agree it looks awesome but it's a beat em up, it has nothing to do with God of War. Why do people always bring this up?

GamerXGATT2900d ago

This game was supposed to be the spiritual successor to the Buffy Games, but with way more gore and way better graphics. I say we start a petition to get development going again!

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