Top 10 Xbox 360 exclusives

To be considered for this list, the game needs to be available only on the Xbox 360. That means many blockbuster console exclusives like Mass Effect or Left 4 Dead aren't included here when they otherwise would easily be in the top ten. All games on this list are also full retail games, no XBLA titles were considered.

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wiggles2960d ago

It's nice to see a list not take the easy way out and fill up half of the list with obvious winners such as Mass Effect...I never knew Lost Odyssey was turn based....I may start looking for it

Seijoru2960d ago

It is basically FFX without the annoying Tidus.

wiggles2960d ago

Lol I loved FFX...X-2... on the other hand...not so much lol

MitchGE2960d ago

It's the most emotional game I've ever played, and it's the best turn-based RPG I've played since FFX (and I'm talking actual turn-based, not turn-based/real-time hybrids like FFXII). I'm going on 70 hours and not finished yet. You can beat it in 30-50 but there's quite a bit of extra stuff to do, and getting all achievements in one play would be ideal. Make sure you read every memory as well, they're beautifully written. There's even two pieces of DLC.

It's like, no more than $30 new right now. You won't be disappointed bud. =)

DA_SHREDDER2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I want what your smokin dude.

GWAVE2960d ago

I'm honestly glad that he put real exclusives on the list, not PC/360 games such as Mass Effect 2.

And Lost Odyssey is a stinkin' great game. I didn't like it at first but the more crappy RPGs I see come out this generation, the more I have to admit that LO is top-notch.

MitchGE2960d ago

Not saying ME2 is anything short of fantastic, but any PS3-only gamer can play it on PC. I like mine on 360 personally as my laptop is more for music/internet than gaming.

Alan Wake, Lost Odyssey, and Gears 2 deserve top honors. Fable II was kinda clunky, pretentious, and overly-ambitious, but also very addictive in what it did right, and packed with side-quests and Sims-esque interaction. I loved it despite its flaws. As for Halo: ODST, I haven't played it yet, but I've heard it's far better than Halo 3. Glad to see a list without the overrated Halo 3. The rest I haven't played so I can't really comment.

Great list overall though.

tinybigman2960d ago

these 5

1 Alan Wake (best 360 game i've played this year)
2 Lost Odyssey (for me soooooo much better than fable 2)
3 Gear 2 (a bit disappointing but i still enjoyed it)
4 Crackdown (was pleasantly surprised how good it was)
5 Blue Dragon (was ok at best)

Fable 2 ( boring as hell and a waste of my $60)

ThanatosDMC2959d ago

Fable 2 wasnt boring. Just the one ending i got sucked but i didnt go through it a second time.

HolyOrangeCows2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Needs more Dead Rising.

And why ODST but not Halo 3? Halo 3 had the better, more focused campaign and an original MP.

And get Halo Wars off of there. It was a crappy RTS. I don't give a flipping flounder if it was "good for a console RTS". That's like praising a game for being "good for a handheld FPS"

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Seijoru2960d ago

WTF he did not just put ODST as the best exclusive. Halo Wars also doesn't belong in this list either but I guess they ran out of exclusives to put in the list. At least it has actual exclusives in it unlike other lists I've seen.

Xander7562960d ago

ODST is obviously better than Halo 3. It has a better campaign, Firefight, AND you get the Halo 3 multiplayer WITH all the maps for free. How do you figure it doesn't belong?

SoSLy2960d ago

They had to put the multiplayer maps cuz it would be a huge ripoff and a kick in the nuts

Seijoru2960d ago

Because most people who had Halo 3 didn't need to buy a 60$ expansion pack.

002960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

What's with all the top ten lists.

Senden2960d ago

I vote bullcrap.. clearly the best exclusives are milo, kinectimals, kinect sports, kinect adventures.. biggest budget games on the 360 and so much of microsoft's money will go into advertising them (this part is true sadly) that they're already instant cult classics.

MitchGE2960d ago

Is that people don't seem to know you're kidding. xD

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