Top Devs Reveal Their First Gaming Experiences

NowGamer talks to some of the world's leading developers to find out where their videogame love affair all began...

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LeonSKennedy4Life2901d ago

Why did every game developer grow up in a town that's reminiscent of 1960's Liverpool?!?

None of these were interesting. :( They seem so uninspired.

DA_SHREDDER2901d ago

Its actually sad. Compared to my son, I was deprived of the fruits of technology. I had smurfs for the kaleco vision, oh and defender was really cool, but it wasn't until the NES that I started really appreciating games. They were so full of character and design. The 8 bit era really pushed for games to be imaginative.

djfullshred2901d ago

I can relate to Louis-Pierre Pharand's story. I played pong at my cousin's house on a Magnovox console. It was brand new technology at the time, and yes I am an old gamer, haha.

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