Microsoft Statement on Recent Mod Chip Raids

Operation Tangled Web was an operation that targeted retailers selling modification chips through the internet for Xbox 360 and other consoles. Microsoft has issued a statement in support of the action.

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ASSASSYN 36o3914d ago

I only do hard mods. I don't care to do soft mods because most are oriented towards cheating or exploiting xbox-live. It isn't worth losing my long standing xbox-live account for a moment of un-earned victory in a on-line game.

Umbrella Corp3914d ago

im buying a falcon soon to mod with my current xbox 360 i would like to do the one in the stories picture

ktchong3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Microsoft's statement is listed as an alternate source in there, along with the government agency's official statement.

Edit: Nevermind.

Umbrella Corp3914d ago

2 guys reported this as duplicate i checked other story thier similair but different the other one is about pirated video games

boi3914d ago

na Im not bothered with it all never modded any of my previous consoles so why now...

Im sticking with buying full games as it adds nicely to my draw full of games

BenzMoney3914d ago

Modifying your console to look different is one thing, and it doesn't harm anyone. But modifying the system hardware to exploit xbox live and facilitate cheating (as well as copyright infringement) is not a victimless crime - particularly when one is profiting from it.

PS360PCROCKS3914d ago

Yep I am modding mine...I am going to spray paint it green as well...and I am modding the case on the top to be a big X with some LED lights inside. Mine is mainly because white is always dirty and this will allow all the air to escape so it does not overheat anymore...

WilliamRLBaker3914d ago

there is only one real reason to mod your system, and thats to play pirated games.

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