NowGamer Hands-On Preview: Kinect Joy Ride

NowGamer kicks Kinect into high gear with its hands-on of Kinect: Joy Ride

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Cevapi883078d ago

sooo, you have to stand in order to play this game....i have yet to see or hear of a game that anyone played sitting down, yet MS keeps claiming that it is possible...and seeing as how this is a racer...albeit a very arcadey one, you should still be able to sit and just use your arm movements to play the game...its not like you are using your whole body to keep the game functional

acky13078d ago

very true. ridiculous that a driving game, where you absolutely have to be sitting down to play, should be programmed to only play standing up. if you can't play a racing game sitting down, then what game can you sit and play?

P1NKY3078d ago

Motion Controls just don't work with racing games. Simple as. If you wanted to experience a racer properly then you would buy a steering wheel, not a motion tracking device.

segamaniaco3078d ago

edit a track with kinect will be a pain

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The story is too old to be commented.