Master Chief to make cameo in Halo: Reach

Halo Reach is set to be one of the biggest games this year and by all accounts the best Halo game from Bungie. We know about Noble Team, but what about everyone’s favorite Spartan Master Chief?

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Nike2902d ago

In other news: The colour blue make a cameo in the sky.

facelike2902d ago

I heard they are putting guns in this game, I wonder if thats true.

pixelsword2902d ago

I heard that the Covenant might, just might, be in Reach.

Kingdom Come2902d ago

I heard that this joke is going to be, if not already, Milked Dry...
On topic: The news is big for Halo Fan's Master Chief plays a fundemental role within the universe and has over the years gained the title of one of the most iconic videogame characters...

The Meerkat2902d ago

He was in the book. Why wouldn't he be in the game?

Blacktric2902d ago

It's a nice thing to hear but I'm looking forward to know what happened after Halo 3.

Independent_Charles2902d ago

xbox 3 maybe youll find out then

Montrealien2902d ago

sometimes I wonder if these "journalists" know wtf they are writting about, it is the story of Reach for crying out loud.

MicroSony4Life2902d ago

but with a more gritty and bloodcore look? Something like the ODST trailer but with a little of Saving Private Ryan in it.

The Maxx2902d ago

District 9 was suppose to be the Halo movie. But since things didn't pan out, Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson took the idea and created District 9. If you liked the look of district 9, then you would have an idea of what Neill and Peter had in mind of what the Halo movie was going to look like....last I heard, Steven Spielberg was going to tackle the take it as you will. I personally would rather Blomkamp and Jackson vision as the Halo movie, but who knows, Spielberg has some great credentials under his belt.

MicroSony4Life2902d ago

but the story telling part for district 9 could have been told better.

This is my vision on the Halo movie

Get the people from Alien vs Predetor to do the aliens for Halo and get the people who did the super human suite for G.I Joe to do the spartnas. The vehicles should be done by the Iron Man people. Weapons should be done by Neill Blomkamp.

The story should be told like Ridick but with a little twist of Matrix.

George Lucas should take care of the sound effects.

The movie needs to be 3 hours long.

I am not sure how they will get around the chief not showing his face. If they can work something out then use the orignal voive of MC.

Make sure that this movie is done in 3D.

Stay away from anything releated to the Doom Movie.

dragonelite2902d ago

I heard microsoft wants a 150 million production cost.
Because the movie must deliver and not fail then the economics went downhill and the studio canned it. The universe is extremely good for movies just look at the games trailer most of them were AAA real life shorts.

Hooby2902d ago

The book and the game follow two different units on reach.

Both the game and the relevant sections of the book happen more or less simultaneously, but they are in different spots on the planet, or so we think.

So while a cameo would make sense and would be nice, MC is in no way connected to noble team (or so we think) so it is hardly a guarantee.

The Meerkat2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

MC is above the planet in the book.
He is on the Autumn and a MAC spacestation I think.

dragonelite2902d ago

Jep meerkat is right and in The first strike he goes back to reach trying to save docter halsey and a the surviving ground team of spartans II trapped inside oni building and deep inside forerunner ruins.

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R2D22902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Reach will be a legend for many years to come.

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Munky2902d ago (Edited 2902d ago )

Everytime one of the Bungie guys was asked if MC would make and appearance they could barely hold back the smiles.

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