Got a dollar? Start gaming in 3D today.

Don't want to spend tons of money on 3d gaming displays and glasses? The Ironstar Movement shows you how to start gaming in 3D today for about $1.

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SSKILLZ2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

lol at the 3d glasses from the Nintendo Fun club. xD

On topic : Well im not that desperate for 3D gaming although i might get into it
late next year, right now there are many exclusives and multy plat games i want to get and $3,000-$5,000 is brutal a hit to my wallet.

Lombax2899d ago

Almost as brutal as the first time I tried to fight you avatar.

Jamegohanssj52899d ago

ROFLMFAO! That is true. Awesome game though.


BannedForNineYears2899d ago

The King Doran armor is the best in the game imo.
Use poison cloud. And then run away, he'll die on his own. :P

CobraKai2899d ago

I used the 3D glasses that came with Sly 3 to check out that screenshot of left for dead. It's still pretty neat.

Dac2u2899d ago

That's funny, I found a pair of red and blue 3d glasses a couple weeks ago. I remembered Rad Racer having 3d, so I tried it out yesterday, but damn was I disappointed. The 3d didn't match up at all, the red and blue were separated too much and the game kept going in and out of "3d." The whole red side would disappear at times. You have to wonder what their thoughts were for even leaving it in the game.

BannedForNineYears2899d ago

"I'm playing Rad Racers in 3D, with the power glove! Doesn't get anymore rad than this!"