Coming in for a soft landing. Landit Bandit interview

SFG writes: The Bearded Ladies consist of two programmers from the automotive industry, one janitor, one liquor store clerk and one expedition leader from Nepal.It came to be because me and Haraldur met each other while running our own small companies in the same office building. We became very good friends and the idea of starting a games studio together was more or less there from the start. We discussed it every once in a while and a few years ago we were on a trip to Bergen,Norway together. On the train there we employed our standard traveling technique, we got drunk and played hotseat heroes of might and magic while chatting away. Sometime during that conversation we decided it was time to give our dreams a shot and start that studio we had been talking about. It did take a while before it actually happened because we would need perfect timing and some money stored up to get our first project of the ground.

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