Hunting Monsters with My Wife & Monster Hunter Tri Data

CoffeewithGames shows data for Monster Hunter Tri and says, "Monster Hunter Tri has now moved into 3rd place overall on the Wii, as the most played Wii game by hours averaged "Per person" on the Nintendo Channel."

CwG also says in another section, "Super Mario Galaxy's average play-time hours "Per person" are 30 Hrs. 40 Min.
Super Mario Galaxy 2's average play-time hours "Per person" are 20 Hrs. 53 Min.
If you missed the picture above, Monster Hunter Tri's average play-time hours "Per person" are 61 Hrs. 15 Min."

CwG also has a video from a Great Jaggi Arena Hunt(embedded below), and says, "This week, I am including a video of a Great Jaggi Arena Hunt, we did on July 4.
Does the Great Jaggi remain "great" by defeating us, or do we take it down?"

Full data breakdown at link...

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CoffeewithChess3077d ago

have you played any of the Arena Hunts with a friend(boyfriend/girlfriend) and/or spouse?

respawnaction3077d ago

I don't even own this game, yet!

Myst3077d ago

I haven't mainly since the arena stuff can't be played online with the split screen.

hardcorez3077d ago did you get ur wife to play this game?

CoffeewithChess3077d ago

it's interesting because she plays Animal Crossing(Wii) weekly still.
It was just random really. I think she asked about playing it, and I mentioned we could play an Arena Hunt together.

She has since asked about the game's single-player campaign.

ebgeer3077d ago

We basically share a game..but she doesnt like to fight the big intimidating monsters..though she can take down Great Jaggi and Quropeco...she actually really enjoys gathering rare and useful items as well as taking down lots of smaller monsters and bugs...

which works out well..she also likes to see when we get to upgrade armor and weapons...she favors the agnaktor switch axe...

luiti13077d ago

im wonderin the online part is with split screen too? cuz i might get a wii becouse of this game :)

Myst3077d ago

Nope. Split screen is just split screen offline.

BX813077d ago

LMAO! I just got done playing this game like 5 min ago. I picked up a wii for the second time about 5days ago. I sold the 1st one because of the lack of software. I purchased the black one and The new Mario, Monster Hunter Tri and Zelda. I'm gonna get deep into Zelda this weekend. I hope the Wii has no issues with over heating. I can't get enough of Monster Hunter. I think my wife would like it because she plays all of those face book games... Mainly farmville. She plays the sh!t out of God of War so If you combine killing with harvesting you pretty much have MH3! I think it's pretty cool to have a wife that can relate to your gaming habits. The only problem is when you both are trying to play some Call of duty. I rather have that problem vs. her being upset because I game!

BubblesDAVERAGE3077d ago

yet i couldn't go bak to those wii graphics..but my friends still play it..

George Sears3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Your not a fan of Monster Hunter if you care about the graphics because graphics have never been a huge part of Monster Hunter.

I have hundreds of hours in the PSP versions. There is nothing more fun than playing with people. Also, challenging your own skills and fighting hard monsters solo is just the thrill of the hunt.

Seferoth753076d ago

Just ignore the troll. He cant even comprehend it is by far the best looking in the series, he just wants to act like its some how a step back from PS2.

You are right though he isnt a fan.