Microsoft's Kinect Has the Most Original Name Ever... or Does It?

DualShockers writes, "If I said to you “Full body, motion controlled gaming, sounds a lot like Kinetic” then what would you think of? Well since Microsoft’s pompous E3 event where they rammed their latest gimmick down our throats I’m sure the majority would yell out in chorus “it’s Kinect for Xbox 360 of course, the hands free motion controller formerly known as Project Natal YAY!”

Well you’re wrong, that is not what I was talking about at all...."

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Hitman07692748d ago

Oh my god. No freaking way. This is just beyond hilarious. I really wanted to just turn my head and ignore Kinect until it got some decent games so that I could focus my energy on better things and end the constant bombardment into my mind with Casual Gaming but apparently this is just not going to happen. Here we are thinking Microsoft had at least invented an original name for their new peripheral (which clearly is a ripoff of a million other webcam technologies) and now we are just smacked in the face and shown that not even the title is original. Shame on you Microsoft marketing, you are really making me start to worry now about the originality of your most simple tasks ahead.

taz80802748d ago

Next you are gonna tell me that Xbox 360 Slim was not their own idea either, lol

darkcharizard2748d ago

but i would like to praise Microsoft for their EXTREMELY original idea and name -- Kinect Sports.

Chadness2748d ago

Nothing is original these days.

BubbleSystemSuck2748d ago

Original today is not be Original

jerethdagryphon2748d ago

i had noticed that ages ago while looking through my games library

makes sense though

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MicroSony4Life2748d ago

Can you please try to have one day with out a Kinect article. If not then can you please restrict the number of Kinect articles to 5 per day.


Natsu X FairyTail2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Kinetics (Ancient Greek: κίνησις "kinesis", movement or to move) may refer to:
In science and medicine
Kinetics (physics), the study of motion and its causes
Rigid body kinetics, the study of the motion of rigid bodies

So what exactly are you dudes saying? YOu'Re telling me Sony Created the word Kinect?

I thought SONY created the word MOVE to!!!!


jerethdagryphon2748d ago

no but laughably a company who makes games (very old games)

it trying to claim a copyright onall aplications of the word edge in videogames,

have alook halfway down..
forth coming game mirrors.... made by edge....
as for kinect kinectic both are similar and while ms may not have intended to nearly copy sonys old name

its possible they saw it as a chance to take some of the existing recognition

MikeGdaGod2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

this just adds to the argument that NOTHING about Kinect is original, groundbreaking, innovative.....etc

this doesn't mean anything about the product itself....but it's funny as hell!!!

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Simon_Brezhnev2748d ago

lol it kills me your the 1st to comment on your own story

Hitman07692748d ago

Actually I did not write this but whatever floats your boat sir.

Games4M - Rob2748d ago

yeah, anyone would think this was some kind of comments section for people to discuss the various news articles.

...wait a minute

Anyway the fact he submitted the story dosnt mean he wrote it so why shouldnt he comment on it ?

HarryMonogenis2748d ago

It's called a conversation starter.. and he didn't write this article.

BubbleSystemSuck2748d ago

They must just called it MicrosoftEye or, PlayEye.

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