Deus Ex: Devolution?

The original Deus Ex games revolutionized the FPS and RPG genre by blending them seamlessly together. With the third installment announced, we share our thoughts and concerns how free will worked, and hopefully will still work in the upcoming game.

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Forbidden_Darkness3048d ago

Having never played or heard of the series before, i've just glimpsed a youtube video of DE1, i'm interested in this game by meerly the E3 trailer

Hellsvacancy3048d ago

DE1 's old skool but it still tops most games made todasy, i never got round to playin the second but hav wanted the 3rd ever since i knew of its existnence

Im MEGA lookin 4ward 2 it aswel as Fallout: Vegas and Rage, ALL day 1 buys

bjornbear3048d ago

Fallout: NV and Deus Ex. HR are the two games Im hyping the most tbh since I have a soft spot for FPS/RPG's, especially good one's.

Lets hope this is basically Deus Ex 1 with better controls, graphics and bigger!!! the system was perfect!

Copyright3048d ago

I haven't played any of these either, but like you, I'm interested.

akiraburn3048d ago

Yeah the original Deus Ex is a pretty spectacular and amazing game (it's also where I ganked my avatar from). It was basically one of the very first FPS/RPG combo games ever made. The sheer fact of the matter, was that every aspect of the game was amazing. Some might say it was the "Uncharted 2" of ten years ago. And interestingly enough, prior to Uncharted 2's release, I'm pretty sure that Deus Ex held the title of "most GOTY awards". And in many ways, rightfully so.

It managed to provide a long, amazing, and in depth story with plot twists and conspiracies that were surprising and not too "over-the-top", all of which you were able to alter based on your actions and choices. It changed traditional health in shooters and RPGs with a new damage system which actually affected your and your enemy's capabilities depending on what limbs were hurt and what you were trying to do. It provided a massive and versatile amount of graphic resolutions, audio options, modding ability, and much more so that it actually withstood the test of time for years past what other games did, and at the time it made it easily playable even to those with less than stellar PC specs. And to be honest, I could go on for hours about it's innovations, really :P.

Now the sequel, DE: Invisible War... well it's not so much amazing as it is bland, buggy, problematic, etc. It's not that it was a terrible or awful game, but it had a myriad of issues that kept the game from attaining a level even close to the original. Not the least of which included the fact that they changed away from using all different ammo types to making you use only one kind of ammo for every gun.

I am very hopeful of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I've got my concerns with the health regen system they are using instead of the damage system from the other two games. I think that the game looks astounding, and that the premise of it is EXACTLY what we need more of in games today. A strong story, optional paths of gameplay, and more cyber-punk! heh, well that last one may be just my personal preference, that and I would really like to see more FPS/RPGs out there. Anyway, that's my thoughts and opinion. Sorry for the rant.

despair3048d ago

don't forget multiple endings and very deep customization of your character and very deep conversation options.

I always remember the computer you talk to(can't remember its name) that claimed people just want to be judged by a higher power and it would eventually be recognized as that higher power and be akin to a god to people(along those lines), the depth of the reasoning and thought provoking conversations in Deus Ex really stood out for me..

Need to dust off the old copy and play it again.

cb4g3048d ago

Now the dilemna is whether to get this for PC or the consoles? Played the original on the PC, but, now I'm wondering whether the third installment is more suited for the consoles.

Either way, as long as they don't skimp on the details that made Deus Ex the classic that it is, I think we'll have the game we've all been waiting for, these past 10 years.

iHEARTboobs3048d ago

That E3 trailer was awesome. I'm definitely interested.

Solidus187-SCMilk3048d ago

DX1 is one of my favorite games ever, but DX2 was about as devolved as it could possibly get. It had 1 type of ammo that was universal for all weapons. DX1 had multiple ammo types for all guns among other things.

I think dx3 will be somewhere between1 and 2. I still enjoyed dx 2, even though it was nowhere near 1. I will still enjoy this im sure. I hope the new one has skill points AND the augs.

DX1 will make me buy this game nomatter what, so I hope its great.

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Caspel3048d ago

Deus Ex will forever be known as a ground-breaking title; no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

cb4g3048d ago

If anyone is looking for a great sci-fi, film-noir detective story you'll find it in Deus Ex. The universe is so rich, in character and history, that you can't stop playing.

One thing people forget to mention is the game's music. Probably the best video game soundtrack ever.

twiliprince63048d ago

I just hope the game will be as good as the other two.

Man In Black3048d ago

But the original is a fucking classic.

Caspel3048d ago

there'll never be a game as timeless as the original.

CandyCaptain3048d ago

Yea I already pre-ordered this baby

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